Draeger Medical Inc, Telford, Pa, has launched the Oxylog 3000 in the United States. Designed for  demanding emergency and transport environments, the Oxylog 3000 supports critical-care patients in transfer situations. The product also offers a combination of volume and pressure-controlled and pressure support ventilation across the entire breathing cycle.

Oxylog 3000 provides the flexibility of both comprehensive invasive or non-invasive ventilation support, including the ability to provide automatic back-up support for spontaneously breathing patients in the event of apneas. The Oxylog 3000 also features integrated PEEP, and 100% oxygen flush—providing 3 minutes of pre-oxygenation and inspiration hold for use during X-ray imaging. In addition, the Oxylog 3000’s tidal volume begins at just 50ml so it can be used for small children and adults alike, and its patented blender permits oxygen concentration adjustments between 40% and 100%.

"From its large, high contrast display screen to its fast and easy control system, the Oxylog 3000 is built to support the needs of respiratory care professionals in a wide range of situations," said Tim Scharn, marketing manager for Pre- and Post-Hospital Care at Draeger Medical Inc.