Researchers are examining Medtronic’s novel design for its Shiley evac subglottic tracheostomy tube, which features a lateral suction port.

U. Borg; C. Cobb, RRT; and K. Bull, MSN, EdD, RN; Department of Clinical and Medical Affairs, Medtronic

In patients undergoing mechanical ventilation, secretions accumulating atop the cuff of the tracheal tube can lead to infections. Thus, proper removal of these upper airway secretions — while limiting tracheal injuries — is critical to patient outcomes.

A new subglottic tracheostomy product from Medtronic, the Shiley evac tracheostomy tube with TaperGuard technology, has a suction port just above the cuff to evacuate secretions. Notably, this new tracheostomy cannula has the suction port located in the lateral wall of the tube body.

In a preclinical animal model, researchers sought to characterize the product’s suction performance and potential for tracheal wall injuries during mechanical ventilation.

Read the results here.

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