Providers looking to improve their respiratory services, and potentially reduce their asthma emergency admissions, will receive free training thanks to a collaboration between Napp Pharmaceuticals, National Health Service (NHS), and Education for Health, a charity focused on the education of health professionals as a key factor in improving patient health and quality of life,

“This training will enable healthcare professionals to provide the most accurate and up-to-date inhaler technique to their patients,” said Monica Fletcher, CEO of Education for Health. “There is no reason why, with the correct treatment and management, that the majority of people with asthma shouldn’t be able to live symptom-free. This training will help healthcare professionals to achieve this.”

Several studies have shown that asthma patients do not use their inhalers correctly, with up to half demonstrating incorrect technique. This can mean as little as 5% of the drug reaches the lungs, according to the NHS. As a result, patients can have inadequate asthma control and the belief that the medication is not effective, reducing treatment compliance.

Napp and Education for Health will work with participating organizations to ensure the training of healthcare professionals is supportive, tailoring each program to meet the specific needs of the patient population to ensure it has the largest impact within their locality.