A closer look at some of the latest airway management devices from Ambu, Dale Medical, Hollister, Hy-Tape International, International Biomedical, Marpac, Medtronic, Passy Muir, and Respiralogics.


Medtronic offers the McGrath Mac video laryngoscope. Many professional societies recommend video laryngoscopy to help improve intubation success and minimize aerosolization of the virus,[1] creating a safer environment for your teams. Video laryngoscopes offer better glottic visualization than traditional Macintosh laryngoscopy[2] and higher intubation success rates than direct laryngoscope.[3] (See image above.)

Shiley Evac Endotracheal Tube withTaperGuard cuff is available from Medtronic. The use of an endotracheal tube with subglottic secretion drainage (SSD) along with other preventative protocols is instrumental in the fight against acute respiratory failure.1  Subglottic secretion drainage removes oral and/or gastric secretions from above the endotracheal tube cuff. (See image above.)

Dale Medical Products Inc

Dale Tracheostomy Tube Holders are made with high quality materials to reduce unnecessary movement of the trach tube. The moisture wicking lining on the adjustable neckband leaves the skin dry reducing the risk of skin breakdown. The secure fastener tabs limit movement of the tracheostomy tube reducing accidental decannulation. The fastener tabs quickly and easily attach to any size tracheostomy tube. The two-piece adjustable neckbands offer convenient sizing for adults, bariatrics, pediatrics, and infants. Our PediPrints series offers kids a fun comforting print on the neckband.

The Dale Stabilock Endotracheal Tube Holder helps secure your ET Tube when your patient is in the supine or prone position. The low profile, soft device provides a secure method of stabilization, easy access to the mouth for oral care and can be modified to fit patients with facial hair. 

Marpac Inc

The E-Z-Grab, P/N 340, Marpac’s newest ET tube holder, has all the right features. Hydrocolloid allows safe and quick placement. A foam layer under the entire product and five locking positions for the ET tube reduce the chance of skin breakdown. Easy to open and close buckle system grabs the ET tube securely. Made in USA. Patent Pending.

International Biomedical

The NeoView Neonatal Video Intubation System from International Biomedical enables video laryngoscopy for tracheal intubation on the most fragile patients. The #000, #00, #0, and #1 disposable Miller blades allow for intubation on a wide range of neonatal patients from micro-preemie to full term infants. Optional accessories help facilitate the LISA protocol for a less invasive approach to surfactant delivery.

Ambu Inc

The Ambu aScope platform for single-use endoscopy in the ICU includes the aScope 4 Broncho (3 bronchoscope sizes), aScope BronchoSampler integrated BAL sampling solution, and the new aView 2 Advance full-HD monitor with DICOM connectivity to PACS.

Passy Muir

Invented by a patient for patients, Passy Muir Ventilator and Tracheostomy Swallowing and Speaking Valves restore communication, improve swallowing and oxygenation, and expedite weaning and decannulation. Low profile, and lightweight, the PMV can be used on or off a ventilator. The device is latex free. Made in the United States. 

Hy-Tape International

For pulmonologists and respiratory specialists securing ET tubes, Hy-Tape is an excellent choice. The original pink tape, Hy-Tape is waterproof, elastic, washable and perfect for use with endotracheal tubes. Its zinc oxide-based adhesive soothes skin and greatly reduces skin injuries.

Hollister Inc

The Hollister AnchorFast oral endotracheal tube fasteners are trusted devices that provide an easy-to-use system to secure an ET tube in place without the use of adhesive tape. You can expect the same quality, reliability, and availability of these products you’ve come to depend on, so you can continue your life-essential work. (ET tube not included.)


Sil.Flex TC Pads, made of medical grade silicone, are designed by Respiralogics for placement on trach tubes to cushion area between flange and stomal site. Early use assists in reducing irritation, tissue breakdown, preventing pressure injury and decreasing air leaks by improving seal. Sil.Flex TC Pad is available in two sizes.


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