A smoking cessation program offered to veterans in Florida has helped about a quarter of patients quit, according to research presented at the American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry annual meeting.

Developed at the Atlanta VA Medical Center, the QSTP [Quit Smoking Therapy Program] is based on a cognitive-behavioral model.

“We try to make the program more acceptable to veterans. We try to make sure that there is good coordination of care between providers, which is something that often is not as available in the private sector,” said Dr DelVentura.

“For instance, our program included education from a pulmonologist about smoking-related illnesses, diagnostic tests, and treatment. We also worked closely with the veterans’ primary care doctor at the Atlanta VA Medical Center to coordinate the medications, if any were being used, and present a unified message for the veterans.”

“We are very aware of the unique needs of the veteran population,” coauthor Mark Ackerman, PhD, also from the Atlanta VA Health Care System, added.

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