productBio-Med Devices Inc, Guilford, Conn, offers the Crossvent 2 (CV-2) neonatal/pediatric ventilator. Two models are available: the CV-2I, a built-in ventilator for transport incubators, and the CV-2, a stand-alone ventilator. The CV-2I also can be retrofitted into existing incubators. Both models incorporate the latest microprocessor technology with all the modes and alarms previously found only in stationary units. Both have an internal battery and can run off AC power. Available modes are: assist control, SIMV, PEEP, CPAP, pressure ventilation, and pressure support. Spontaneous breaths can be triggered by pressure, flow, or a continuous flow. (203) 458-0202;

productNewport Medical Instruments Inc, Newport Beach, Calif, offers the HT50 ventilator for children and adults in emergency, hospital, extended care, home care, and transport settings. The compact, lightweight unit can go wherever patients or clinicians need it.
It features a patented micro, dual-piston, frictionless internal gas delivery system that runs cool with up to 10 hours of internal battery operation. The power source automatically recognizes voltage ranges from 100-240 VAC and 12-30 VDC. The HT50 delivers pressure or volume ventilation in A/CMV, SIMV, and SPONT modes. It offers pressure support, backup ventilation, and built-in PEEP/CPAP. (800) 451-3111;

productThe 840™ ventilator system by Puritan Bennett®, a division of Tyco Healthcare, Pleasanton, Calif, provides sensitive, precise breath delivery for critically ill infant, pediatric, and adult patients. It features high-performance pneumatics and dual-microprocessor electronics. DualView™ touch screens display monitored data separately from ventilator settings. The Sandbox™ display allows clinicians to set up and preview all proposed ventilator and alarm limit settings before applying them. The SmartAlert™ alarm system offers prioritized alarm annunciation that distinguishes primary alarms from secondary, “dependent” alarms. The 840 ventilator is compact, lightweight, and ungradable. (800) 635-5267;

productThe iVent201 ventilator by VersaMed, Rochelle Park, NJ, can be used with a mask, tracheostomy, or endotracheal tube. Patients can seamlessly transfer between the leak-tolerant and invasive modes using the adaptive bilevel option without having to switch machines. This allows clinicians to save money on equipment and resources. The company utilizes advanced engineering and software that enable a reduction in the number of old, bulky, and complex electromechanical components. The result is reflected in VersaMed’s capability to develop innovative products with a price reduction. (800) 475-9239;

productThe easy-to-operate Galileo Classic ventilator system by Hamilton Medical Inc, Reno, Nev, combines advanced interactive modes of ventilation with extensive monitoring, graphics, and therapeutic flexibility. The system provides clinicians with advanced programmable philosophies of operation, including minimum pressure strategies with variable inspiratory flows to optimize ventilatory support. The 1-, 12-, and 24-hour trending feature offers clinicians the ability to view details of the clinical management history. The Smart Apnea Back Up provides ventilation when using minimal support modes. (800) 426-6331;

productMinneapolis-based Pulmonetic Systems Inc, maker of LTV® series ventilators, offers the following CEU programs:
• “Home Mechanical Ventilation With the LTV Series Ventilator” (2 contact hours/CEU credits)
• “Discharge Planning for the Home Mechanically Ventilated Patient” (2 contact hours/CEU credits)
• “Troubleshooting Common Problems Faced by the Home Mechanically Ventilated Patient” (2 contact hours/CEU credits)
• “Transport Ventilators” program (1 contact hour/CEU credit for respiratory therapists)
For more information, contact Rhonda Curtis at extension 8374; (866) 752-1438;

productRespironics’ Hospital Division, Murrysville, Pa, offers the Performance Series™ line of patient interface products, including the Contour Deluxe™ disposable nasal mask, the Spectrum® disposable full face mask, the Image3™ disposable full face mask, the Image3 SE disposable full face mask, the Respironics Total™ face mask, and the vinyl nasal disposable mask. The Performance Series also includes Respironics’ line of disposable invasive and noninvasive circuits. The product line is designed to make maximizing patient comfort an easier task and to help aid in the successful application of noninvasive ventilation. (800) 345-6443;

productThe Critical Care Division of VIASYS Healthcare Inc, Palm Springs, Calif, has received FDA approval for its heliox delivery system. This feature is now available from the AVEA Ventilator System, the first critical care ventilator designed to deliver heliox gas. Practitioners can deliver any desired concentration of heliox with ease and accuracy to aid in the treatment of patients with airway obstruction or severe bronchospasm. AVEA uses a patented “Smart” connector to accept an 80/20-heliox supply. All volumes (numeric and graphic) are automatically compensated for accurate display, eliminating cumbersome bedside calculations. (800) 328-4139;