productMonitoring, Paging System
Nellcor, a division of Tyco Healthcare, Pleasanton, Calif, introduces the Oxinet® III Central Station and Paging System, designed to monitor patients at risk for adverse respiratory events on the general care floor. The system supports compliance with the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations’ 2003 patient safety goals by supplementing the sufficiency of patient monitoring alarm audibility. Oxinet III provides continuous central station monitoring of up to 24 Nellcor stand-alone pulse oximeters. Bedside patient data is communicated via a wireless or hardwire link to a central monitoring station. Clinicians are alerted to developing respiratory events by bedside alarms supplemented with remote alarm notification at both a central nursing station and through a paging system. Clinicians also have the ability to view patient data on a wireless PDA. (800) 635-5267;

productFeeding Tube Attachment Device
Hollister Inc, Libertyville, Ill, offers the F TAD feeding tube attachment device for securing nasogastric/nasointestinal feeding or suction tubes (5-18 French). Designed to be more comfortable than tape, the butterfly-shaped synthetic skin barrier conforms to the patient’s nose. The swivel clamp eliminates pressures on the nares. It fits across the patient’s nose and does not interfere with vision. Adhesive hydrocolloid skin barriers secure the device and prevent skin breakdown. The F TAD stock number is 9786, and 20 come in each box. (800) 323-4060;

productBaby Endotracheal Tube Holders
B&B Medical Technologies Inc, North Highlands, Calif, introduces durable Baby ET Tape lll endotracheal tube holders for intubated babies, especially those in busy NICUs and transport situations. The tape can be trimmed under the nares and at the wing ends with scissors to fit almost any baby. Latex free and hypo-allergenic, this product is easy to apply. The improved adhesive combats excessive secretions and guards against self-extubation attempts. Increased tube and facial surface contact results in a more secured airway. It comes packaged individually with 25 per case. Contact B&B Medical Technologies for a sample. (800) 242-8778;

productPulse Oximeter
Masimo Corp, Irvine, Calif, introduces the Masimo SET version four (V4.1). In addition to improving Masimo SET’s sensitivity (the ability to detect true desaturation events) and specificity (the ability to not false alarm), the release also debuts Adaptive Probe Off Detection™ (APOD) technology. APOD is a powerful algorithm that minimizes the risk of measurement when a probe is off the patient. Studies of APOD in the most difficult situations (when a sensor attached to a subject was removed during monitoring) had incorrect reading rates of only 1%, according to the company. V4.1 also incorporates Perfusion Index, Signal IQ™, and FastSat™.

Most, if not all, existing Masimo SET customers may upgrade to V4.1 without hardware change. Masimo SET V4 is forward and backward compatible with all production MS Boards, Radical, Rad-9, and Masimo SET LNOP and NR sensors. (949) 250-9688;

productHeated Humidifier
Sunrise Medical, Longmont, Colo, introduces the DeVilbiss® 9200D-I humidifier heater, which provides an add-on heated humidification option designed to work with the DeVilbiss 9100 Cool Passover Humidifier. The 9100 humidifier features a baffle system with a large surface area to offer greater humidification than traditional humidifiers. It stacks easily and securely with the 9200D-I humidifier heater.

The 9200D-I features a touch keypad and an LCD. A DeVilbiss 9000 series CPAP can be plugged into the back and powered by the 9200D-I, which means only one power cord to the electrical wall socket. With a double-insulated two-pronged electrical plug, the 9200D-I accommodates more end users. The unit’s modular design enables therapists and dealers to add heated humidification to a patient’s CPAP therapy as needed. (800) 333-4000;

productAnalyzer Receives #1 Ranking
In June, Boston Biomedical Consultants, an independent consulting firm serving the in vitro diagnostics industry, ranked the GEM® Premier™ 3000 by Instrumentation Laboratory, Lexington, Mass, the top-selling blood gas analyzer in the United States. The GEM Premier 3000 is a blood gas, electrolyte, glucose, lactate, and hematocrit analyzer. The system features state-of-the-art planar sensors and streamlines every aspect of blood gas testing. Its proprietary, cartridge-based technology is easy to use. Each cartridge contains sensors, solutions, gases, pump tubing, and waste container. Users simply change the cartridge every 3 weeks. (800) 955-9525;