Passy-Muir PMV 007 swallowing and speaking valve

Passy-Muir Inc

Passy-Muir Inc, Irvine, Calif, offers the PMV 007 (Aqua) tracheostomy and ventilator swallowing and speaking valve. The PMV 007 is the only closed position, “no leak” valve designed to fit readily into disposable ventilator tubing and directly on the 15 mm hub of most tracheostomy tubes, including neonatal, pediatric and adult tubes. The valve opens upon inspiration and closes at the end of inspiration, redirecting all exhaled air around the tracheostomy tube and out the oronasopharynx, which allows clear uninterrupted speech. The patented PMV design restores a closed respiratory system, creating the necessary pressures demonstrated through independent research to improve swallow, reduce aspiration, improve oxygenation, facilitate secretion management, and reduce weaning and decannulation times. The PMV 007 is indicated for in-line ventilator use with all acute and home ventilators. Free on-line CEU courses and educational materials are available on the Web site. Free clinical education video, CD-ROM, DVD, and independent research literature also available. (800) 634-5397;