Futuremed has launched Astodia, a new vein illumination device designed specifically for use with preemies and full-term infants.

The device’s small size and adjustable light settings make Astodia ideal for PICC line placements, as well as fast, noninvasive identification of pneumothorax, pneumoperitoneum, hydroperitoneum and hydrocele, according to Futuremed.

Astodia uses cutting-edge technology to illuminate from underneath the target area to provide clearer resolution to help eliminate the need for multiple punctures. This also allows the healthcare professional to cradle the patient’s extremity while holding the illuminator underneath the target, providing a larger illuminated target area, the company noted.

Some of the many features of Astodia are its four-foot cord, which allows for use in the deepest isolettes without disturbing the patient. The nine-stage dimmer and dual red/yellow LEDs allow Astodia to be adjusted for use in various lighting conditions and for different tissue densities and skin colors.

Its rechargeable battery and hard plastic case means Astodia is ready to go anytime. The slim handset fits perfectly into the hand, allowing the healthcare professional to grip the probe and extremity at the same time, leaving the other hand free for the needle stick. The probe is flat, so it can be placed on a table and stays put.

More information is available on Futuremed’s website.