The RxAir from Sunset Healthcare destroys more than 99% of airborne bacteria and viruses with ultraviolet light (UVC), as proven by independent FDA and EPA certified laboratory testing. It reduces odors and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) linked to sleep disorders. With virtually maintenance-free, filterless technology, The RxAir protects high-risk individuals with respiratory conditions and compromised lung functions such as emphysema and COPD. (See image above.) 877-578-6738;

Sterilization_Cenorin-Dryer-500Cenorin’s line of custom configured drying cabinets efficiently process a variety of medical devices and equipment. With three sizes of dryers to choose from, all with the option to be a pass-through or solid back, these medical drying cabinets offer a wide variety of options and accessories tailored to meet your specific reprocessing needs. 800-426-1042;

 model 610 Washer/Pasteurizer is the new generation of process controlled high level disinfection. The 610 is designed to out-perform all other washer/HLD systems on the market while providing greater process/quality control. It is a superior alternative to traditional methods of chemical disinfection and offers quality assurance, labor-saving efficiency, and responsible reprocessing. 800-426-1042;