The VitalCough System from Hill-Rom is a noninvasive therapy that simulates a cough to remove secretions in patients with compromised peak cough flow. VitalCough is designed to be easy to use for trained caregivers and patients at home, hospital, nursing care, or rehabilitation settings. The system supplies positive pressure (inhale) to inflate the lungs, then quickly shifts to supply negative pressure (exhale), during this process secretions are sheared and can be expectorated or removed with suction. After the exhale, the system pauses and maintains a resting positive pressure flow to the patient. 800-445-3730; (See image above.)

inCourage Airway Clearance Therapy
 from RespirTech is the only vest therapy to use active air venting to allow for easy, deep breaths during therapy. inCourage is also the only system providing “triangle wave” air pulses, demonstrated to improve airway secretion clearance by as much as 20% over “sine wave” vest therapy systems. 800.793.1261;

Dima Italia
offers the Pegaso A-Cough, a cough assist device and percussor combined into one. The device is equipped with a highly sensitive trigger technology that adapts the therapy to the patient’s breathing rhythm, while maintaining effective cough assistance. The Pegaso A-Cough can operate in manual, automatic and auto-adaptive modes and is suitable for the use at home and in hospital and can be used on infants, children and adults likewise. +;

The PercussiveNEB from VORTRAN is a high frequency intrapulmonary percussive nebulizer that offers unique single patient, multiple use, with high frequency intrapulmonary percussive treatments. The device is easy to use with quick set-up time. The patient initiates and controls the percussion levels and it can be used by patients in the hospital or in the home. 800-434-4034;

The Vest Airway Clearance System from Hill-Rom treats airway clearance dysfunction and retained secretions with high-frequency chest wall oscillation (HFCWO). Vest has been prescribed for over 123,000 patients, for a variety of conditions, to aid in the mobilization of retained secretions, in the ICU, long-term care settings, and the home. The Vest System offers locking air hoses, wide size range of garments including toddler and bariatric, multiple program options including a cough pause, programmable in several languages, outstanding customer support, and in-home training. 800-445-3730;

The G5 Therassist is General Physiotherapy’s latest technology for chest physical therapy to achieve airway clearance. The Therassist is the only machine worldwide that provides percussion, oscillation, vibration, and mobilization in one unit. Designed for heavy duty, continuous use, it is ideal for hospital and clinic Use. A speed range of 10-60 cycles per second (CPS) most closely replicates manual procedures. A digital CPS display window and digital countdown timer with display window assure precise application. 800-237-1832;

The SmartVest SQL from Electromed Inc uses high frequency chest wall oscillation (HFCWO), a proven clinical therapy that helps to clear the lungs of excess mucus, reducing the risk of respiratory infections. The SQL is significantly smaller, quieter and lighter than previous versions. The system features enhanced generator programmability and adjustable RAMP, a patented single-hose design, and an open system with active inflate-active deflate, which provides a more comfortable therapy experience by allowing patients to take deep breaths and breathe more easily without feeling restricted. The SQL carries a lifetime warranty in the homecare market. 800-462-1045;

Hill-Rom offers the MetaNeb System, a unique 3-in-1 therapy system that treats and prevents atelectasis by providing lung expansion, secretion mobilization and aerosol delivery of medication. It features a controller, stand, and disposable circuit. The system delivers a MetaTherapy treatment that combines both lung expansion and secretion clearance therapies along with aerosol. The system, which is a silver winner of the 2014 Medical Design Excellence Award, allows the user to easily adjust flow, pressure, and percussive rates during therapy. 800-445-3730;

The G5 Vibracare is General Physiotherapy’s handheld percussor used in respiratory therapy for airway clearance (chest postural drainage). Totally self-contained and weighing less than 3 lbs, the Vibracare provides a highly versatile and effective treatment. The output speed is from 15-55 cycles per second and comes complete with a combination of applicators to accommodate varying body masses and tolerance levels. 800-237-1832;