The Capnostream 20p Patient Monitor with Microstream technology from Covidien provides an accurate, continuous view of ventilation adequacy on intubated and nonintubated patients, from neonate to adult. The new Capnostream 20p monitor, with the Apnea-Sat Alert feature, alerts caregivers to repetitive patterns of apneas and oxygen desaturation, revealing a more complete picture of a patient’s respiratory status. 800-722-8772; (See image above.)

Monitoring Nonin_OnyxVantage_180
Nonin Medical Inc’s Onyx Vantage 9590
 finger pulse oximeter has PureSAT technology and is able to measure Spo2 and pulse rate via fingers, thumbs, and toes. The Onyx Vantage 9590 provides versatility where fingers are not available for readings or there is difficulty gaining readings on a finger such as with pediatric patients, and even works on patients with darker skin tones and where low perfusion is a challenge. The device has been tested for use in motion.

The Nellcor Bedside Respiratory Patient Monitoring System Version 2.0, containing the Nellcor Respiration Rate parameter Version 2.0, recently received 510(k) clearance. By calculating respiration rate from the Pleth waveform, clinicians can monitor a patient’s SpO2, pulse rate and respiration rate through a single, integrated finger sensor. This breakthrough technology may provide clinicians with an early indicator of evolving respiratory issues, and may help healthcare institutions meet guidelines and recommendations from clinical societies such as Joint Commission1, American Society for Anesthesiologists2, Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation3 guidelines and recommendations that suggest continuous electronic monitoring of oxygenation and ventilation for patients at risk of respiratory compromise. 800-722-8772;

Simultaneously record ECG, SpO2, and airflow data with the OxyHolter from NorthEast Monitoring, a reliable, well-proven method to isolate/correlate cardio-pulmonary issues. OxyHolter uses optionally uses an Holter-only cable yielding 3CH ECG, an OxyHolter cable (2CH ECG, 1CH SpO2) or an OxyHolter/A cable (1CH ECG, 1CH SpO2, 1CH airflow). DME’s use OxyHolter to “fine tune” beneficiaries’ oxygen requirements throughout the full range of daily activities. Cardiologists, GPs, and sleep professionals can screen/diagnose patients for obstructive sleep apnea at one-tenth the cost of PSG studies. 866-346-5837 x 2;

The 740 SELECT from CASMED provides an extraordinary selection of standard features that empower the clinician with a high degree of performance, flexibility and customization to address multiple hospital workflows, enhance patient safety and quickly respond to demanding clinical requirements. Features include a variable acuity monitoring solution, side and mainstream (modular) etCO2 options (Microstream MicroPod, Masimo ISA and IRMA), and spot-check and continuous monitoring. Parameters include etCO2, SpO2, MAXNIBP, temperature, and Masimo rainbow parameters (RRa, SpCO, PVI). 800-227-4414;

Monitoring Nonin_GO2_225
For patients who could benefit from a home oximeter, Nonin Medical Inc offers the GO2, an accurate and easy-to-use finger pulse oximeter. The GO2 uses Nonin’s PureSAT technology and is a noninvasive way to measure saturation level and heart rate. The GO2 helps patients manage chronic diseases such as asthma or COPD or adjust their supplemental oxygen use to meet their daily activity levels. 800-356-8874;

Masimo’s Pronto-7 is designed for quick and easy noninvasive spot-checking of hemoglobin (SpHb), SpO2, pulse rate, and perfusion index at the point-of-care. The palm-sized, handheld monitoring device can measure hemoglobin in less than 1 minute—without needles, laboratory analysis, blood contamination, hazardous medical waste, and patient discomfort associated with traditional blood tests. The Pronto-7 puts accurate noninvasive hemoglobin spot-check measurements into any clinician’s hands, in various care settings.

Providing a simple, noninvasive way to measure carbon monoxide poisoning, Breathe E-Z Systems Inc’s CO Sleuth is a carbon monoxide breath test, designed for patients enrolled in a smoking-cessation program. This instrument has a sensitivity of 95% and a specificity of 98%, and is equipped with a hydrogen null to prevent false readings. The CO Sleuth provides visual proof of the dangerous CO levels found in the lungs of smokers, who often do not realize carbon monoxide poisoning is a dangerous side effect of smoking cigarettes. The testing shows the patient a reduction of carbon monoxide poisoning in the lungs as the patient gives up smoking. 800-490-5061;


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