ResMed announced the launch of the AirFit F40, an ultra-compact full-face CPAP mask designed to offer the comfort of smaller masks without sacrificing performance.

The AirFit F40 provides the necessary pressure support in a lower-profile full-face mask that’s ideal for people who sleep on their side, are claustrophobic, and want the stability and seal of a universal fit mask in a minimalist design.

AirFit F40

A key feature of the AirFit F40 is the AdaptiSeal cushion, a 100% soft silicone cushion designed to maintain a facial seal, even when moving around during sleep. 

In a ResMed clinical study, 88% of patients rated AirFit F40’s mask cushion as soft and comfortable, and 100% found AirFit F40 easy to use.1

“Most users prefer smaller and more streamlined masks, but traditional under-the-nose full-face masks can be challenging to fit properly, maintain a seal, and handle higher pressures. Our new AirFit F40 addresses this problem by offering the best of both worlds: an ultra-compact full-face mask with the high seal performance of an over-the-nose mask—bridging the gap between compactness and effectiveness in full-face masks,” says Justin Leong, ResMed chief product officer, in a release.

According to a release from ResMed, additional features include:

  • A fully flexible frame that keeps the assembly away from patients’ eyes and ears.
  • A full-face mask with a quick-release short tube, reducing tube drag and offering a convenient way to detach and reattach the mask to the device during the night.
  • Headgear without top strap adjustment, which makes for an easier setup and adjustment process.
  • A new textile material and a dark grey color, offering a more modern look.

AirFit F40 masks are available in the United States, with plans to launch in Canada, followed by EMEA, Latin America, and APAC. 

1 ResMed external clinical studies of current PAP users with ≥ 12 months’ therapy with either ResMed or competitor masks and who met 90-day compliance in the three months prior to the study. All participants used the ResMed AirFitF40 and a competitor mask for up to seven nights each at randomized order. Studies conducted in the US, Oct 4 -Nov 20, 2023. n=57.

Photo caption: AirFit F40

Photo credit: ResMed