Nonin Medical partners with Medixine to co-develop remote digital monitoring services for more patient-centric diagnoses of chronic conditions.

RT’s Three Key Takeaways:

  • Nonin Medical has partnered with Medixine to integrate remote patient monitoring capabilities into its pulse oximetry devices, aiming to enhance care for chronic conditions.
  • The collaboration addresses the increasing demand for digital health solutions, particularly in the United States, by streamlining data accessibility for clinicians and optimizing diagnosis and treatment processes.
  • By combining Medixine’s software platform with Nonin’s pulse oximeters, the partnership aims to improve overnight oximetry screenings, potentially reducing lengthy processes to a single night and offering more efficient care for patients with chronic conditions.

Nonin Medical, a manufacturer of noninvasive medical monitoring devices including wearable pulse oximeters, has selected Medixine’s remote patient monitoring software platform to optimize its devices’ data flow and accessibility to clinicians to develop digital monitoring services for more patient-centric diagnosis of chronic conditions.

An aging population and pressure to reduce costs are accelerating digitalization in the health sector. Remote patient monitoring has been steadily gaining prevalence as an effective and efficient healthcare solution for common chronic diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, respiratory issues, and COPD. It is estimated that chronic diseases account for approximately 86% of the total healthcare costs in the United States, with similar figures recorded worldwide. These impacts and costs are projected to rise for years to come.

“In deepening our partnership with Nonin Medical, we’re setting ambitious goals together to bring remote digital care’s substantial benefits to both patients and clinicians across the United States,” says Lasse Rousi, CEO at Medixine, a Finnish health tech company, in a release. “…Furthermore, it’s especially significant for us that a renowned market leader like Nonin Medical has chosen our remote patient monitoring platform for its first transition from devices into digital services.” 

Integrating Devices with Software-Driven Solutions

The new partnership is set to combine Medixine’s digital remote patient monitoring software platform with Nonin’s US pulse oximetry devices. The collaboration highlights how integrating physical devices with software-driven solutions has the potential to improve patient comfort, convenience, and care quality, while also reducing the burden on overworked clinicians and under-resourced care providers by reducing the number of unnecessary hospital visits, according to a release from Medixine.

“At Nonin Medical, we have an extensive background in producing first-class pulse oximetry devices in terms of hardware, including several industry-firsts,” says Aaron Lobbestael, senior director of advanced technology at Nonin Medical, in a release. “But to unlock their full potential in the world of digital healthcare, devices need to be paired with an equally reliable and robust software platform. We see Medixine as the perfect fit, and they align with our objectives to deliver the most patient-centric care possible.”

Unlocking Efficiency in Overnight Oximetry

One significant area the collaboration aims to progress is overnight oximetry during sleep, for example, as pre-screening to determine if patients need and qualify for supplemental oxygen. Such sleep screenings can also determine if patients need to be tested further for potential sleep disorders like obstructive sleep apnea. 

“Combining physical monitoring devices with Medixine’s digital platform offers huge potential benefits in understanding the need for overnight oxygen,” Lobbestael continues. “At present, it may take months to acquire an accurate reading using overnight devices that patients need to take to and from the health care provider multiple times. Our digital solution would require just one night of measurement, which would be downloaded automatically to the patient’s records. By digitizing our healthcare services, patients can access all the same services they have received previously, but much more easily, while clinicians’ workflows are made significantly more efficient.” 

Photo caption: Nonin Medical pulse oximeter

Photo credit: Medixine/Nonin Medical