Positive airway pressure interfaces, masks, and sleep therapy devices from D•R Burton Healthcare, Mercury Medical, Responsive Respiratory, AG Industries, Sunset Healthcare Solutions, and Circadiance.


Available from Circadiance, NeoPAP’s multiple flow modes makes it the perfect solution for noninvasive patients, which gives NICUs the ability to free up ventilator resources for other hospital departments and brings peace of mind to clinicians who are seeking a way to care for newborns during COVID-19. (See image above.)

D•R Burton Healthcare

The OxyPAP by D•R Burton Healthcare amplifies airflow to provide inspiratory boost, create Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) and increase Functional Residual Capacity (FRC) to prevent and reverse atelectasis. Versatile components of the OxyPAP may be used to deliver oxygen flow and PAP therapy during OPEP therapy.

Mercury Medical

Flow-Safe II+ from Mercury Medical is the only available disposable bilevel CPAP system with integrated manometer for verifying pressures. The lightweight disposable feature allows for easy CPAP or bilevel CPAP therapy set up and delivery during transport. Flow-Safe II+ is ideal for situations where backup bilevel CPAP equipment is scarce or unavailable.

Responsive Respiratory Inc

Responsive Respiratory’s Purify O3 ozone sanitizer is an affordable an simple way to achieve hospital-grade disinfection for PAP accessory equipment and medical supplies. Purify O3 is portable, easy to use and maintenance free—no solutions, replacement filters or bags needed. Purify O3 is sold only through providers.

Sunset Healthcare Solutions

Cleaning with the Zoey CPAP Cleaner from Sunset Healthcare Solutions just got easier with its new ozone plug adapter, which cleans the mask, headgear and tubing—no need for add-ons. Zoey’s small footprint, sleek design, and quiet operation fit in the home and its premium packaging looks great for retail.

AG Industries

Available from AG Industries, the Nonny Pediatric Full Face CPAP Mask is uniquely designed for children. The mask is equipped with innovative features such as a 3D mask cushion for an excellent seal, forehead support for stability, and an air vent that minimizes noise and enables efficient CO2 washout. The Nonny comes in a variety of sizes with two additional extension straps for a perfect fit.