A closer look at suction and secretion clearance devices from Monaghan Medical, Seoil Pacific, and International Biophysics Corp.

International Biophysics Corp

The AffloVest, which was introduced by International Biophysics Corp in 2013, brought a proven treatment to at-risk respiratory patients and allowed for mobility during use. The 5th generation AffloVest offers two-times greater vibratory force and a 28% weight reduction designed for better treatment and patient comfort during therapy.

Monaghan Medical Corp

Monaghan Medical’s Tandem Therapy combines VersaPAP’s positive airway pressure (PAP) with Aerobika’s oscillating positive expiratory pressure (OPEP). The result is a quiet, gentle option for simultaneous lung expansion and airway clearance therapy, enabling a larger breath in, and longer pressure oscillation dynamic on exhalation.

Seoil Pacific Corp
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Comfort Cough II, CC20, is a mechanical cough stimulator, developed by Seoil Pacific. The device uses oscillatory vibration to help clear airway secretions in patients with conditions such as muscular dystrophy, spinal cord injury, ALS, and more.