Mercury Medical recently partnered with Dynavision International to distribute the Dynavision D2, a visual motor and neuro-cognitive rehabilitation device, according to a company press release.

The Dynavision D2 software provides objective data for accurate baseline evaluations and progress monitoring. Programmable options facilitate individualized treatment and training programs for clients of various ages, abilities, and conditions.

Dynavision International and Mercury Medical have agreed to a “Sole Source Government Distribution Agreement” to provide unlimited sole source Dynavision D2 products to all VAMC (Veterans Administration Medical Centers) and DOD (Department of Defense Hospitals) throughout the United States.

“It couldn’t be a better match. With Mercury Medical’s outstanding reputation and our cutting-edge technology, we are excited to see increased positive outcomes for our veterans,” said Phil Jones, Founder of Dynavision International.

Dynavision has manufactured its industry leading medical and sports training devices since 1989. The partnership with Mercury Medical will further benefit both parties to reach users for optimal results. Mercury Medical’s owner and Chairman of the Board, Stanley Tangalakis added, “As a Veteran Owned Small Business, Mercury Medical is perfectly positioned to work with Dynavision International, the Veterans Administration and the Department of Defense medical facilities to assure the best care available for our well deserving Veterans & Troops. We are proud to partner with Dynavision.”