Hamilton Medical’s C1 ventilator is now available with a new Neonatal option, providing optimal ventilation therapy for the tiniest and most fragile patients, according to a company news release.

According to Hamilton Medical, the high?performance capabilities of the Hamilton?C1 with the new Neonatal option include lung protective strategies and adaptive ventilation modes to ensure that each baby receives treatment tailored to its specific needs. The device combines high reliability, ease of use and maximum mobility with optimal performance, the company says.

The Hamilton-C1 provides tidal volumes as low as 2 ml. The proximal flow sensor, specifically developed for neonates, precisely measures the pressure, volume, and flow directly at the infant’s airway opening and, therefore, ensures the required trigger sensitivity. This provides improved synchronization and less work of breathing.

The intelligent leak compensation automatically adjusts the inspiratory and expiratory trigger sensitivity to potential leaks. This enables optimal synchronization with the neonate’s breathing pattern.

More information is available on the Hamilton Medical website.