Demand for, and delivery of, Belluscura’s X-PLO2R portable oxygen concentrator has exceeded the company’s most recent projections issued in fall 2021. According to the company, the company has sold 377 units since the launch of X-PLO2R in September 2021 — 25% above current consensus forecasts and 150% above initial forecasts for 2021.

Recognizing the current global supply chain challenges, Belluscura has significantly increased inventory levels of key components and other raw materials to preempt any potential disruption on production levels allowing them to be maintained in the current financial year and beyond, the company reported in a news release.

The company’s manufacturing capability has been scaled up significantly to ensure that it can continue to meet the increased demand from US distributors, with the company continuing to broaden its sales network with both online and brick & mortar distributors. The company also continues to move forward toward launching the product outside the US, having received enquiries from distributors globally.

Development of the follow-on products, the Belluscura X-PLO2R CX and X-PLO2R DX, continues to progress well with the expected launch of these next generation products to be in Q2 2022 and Q3 2022 respectively.

“Market reception for the Belluscura X-PLO2R has been positive and initial demand has been very strong. We are very excited about the upcoming launch of the X-PLO2R CX and X-PLO2R DX and look to the future with confidence,” said Robert Rauker, CEO of Belluscura plc.