Frost & Sullivan has recognized Ventec Life Systems with the 2017 North American Frost & Sullivan Award for New Product Innovation for its portable unified respiratory system, VOCSN. The device, combines a critical care ventilator, 6 LPM equivalent oxygen concentrator, Touch Button Cough assist, hospital grade suction, and high performance nebulizer in a single device, received FDA clearance in April 2017.

According to Ventec Life Systems, VOCSN improves quality of care and creates a substantial cost savings for patients, payers, and caregivers. The unified device not only lowers the cost of acquisition, storage, maintenance, and training, but also consumes less power than systems that require multiple devices.

“VOCSN’s battery life of up to nine hours and weight of 18 lbs makes it both lightweight and portable, facilitating its use in multiple care settings such as hospitals, sub-acute care facilities, long-term care facilities, transport, and patients’ homes,” said Frost & Sullivan Senior Research Analyst Tanvir Jaikishen. “It also demonstrates high customizability in treating a range of conditions such as chronic respiratory diseases, autoimmune diseases, and various forms of muscular dystrophy and spinal cord injuries. VOCSN demonstrates a long overdue move to develop integrated medical devices that are easier to use in the hospital and home matching similar advancements more common with consumer electronics rather than complicated and sometimes confusing medical devices.”

Significantly, patients are not required to purchase all five functionalities of VOCSN and only need to invest in the features they require, according to the company. Ventec plans to continue their growth in Europe and Asia in a phased manner between 2017 and 2018.