Caire Inc has launched a new equipment refurbishment program — the Caire Certification Program — for out-of-warranty portable and stationary oxygen concentrators.

“We’ve created this program for our partners to help them prolong the life of their fleets and maximize their reimbursements,” said George Coppola, director of Marketing, Caire Inc. “Refreshing all the major components with factory-certified parts backed by a 2-year warranty gives the unit a new life beyond its original factory warranty.”

Each unit enrolled in the program will receive a new compressor and sieve beds, a comprehensive 12-point service inspection to ensure the equipment meets the standards that new units meet off the production line and a complete 2-year warranty upon completion of the repair. Portable oxygen concentrators also receive a new battery.

“This flat fee program eliminates quote approvals and minimizes wait times,” said Lanier Hogan, technical service manager, Caire Inc. “The bottom line is that our home care providers will experience overall cost savings because of a reduction in fleet downtime and longer economic life for their equipment.”

The Caire Certification Program will include the following out-of-warranty products: the AirSep FreeStyle, the AirSep FreeStyle 5, and the SeQual Eclipse 3 and 5 portable oxygen concentrators; and the AirSep VisionAire 2 and 5 stationary oxygen concentrators.

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