International Biomedical and Hamilton Medical have formed a partnership to equip International Biomedical transport incubators with the Hamilton-T1, an ICU ventilator with a variety of neonatal ventilation modes and sophisticated monitoring capabilities, according to an International Biomedical announcement.

Hamilton-T1-Neonatal-500The T1 will be incorporated into International Biomed’s Airborne Voyager and Airborne Aviator products, which allow for ground or air transport of neonatal patients.

“For the Hamilton-T1 and the Airborne products to team up to provide an integrated solution for neonatal critical care transport teams — on the ground and in the air — was inevitable. With the T-1 it is possible to carry a fully functioning ventilator on transport. The product’s capabilities provide the same level of respiratory support as that provided in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit”, said Greg Will, International Biomedical’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Another benefit is that the transport team does not need to carry air cylinders with them. The integrated air compressor provides the ability to adjust the oxygen level to meet the baby’s needs without additional gas tanks.”