The aireeg WEE-1200 wireless electroencephalogram (EEG monitoring) system has been launched by Nihon Kohden. The system, which will be available in the second quarter of 2018, is designed for easy access to real-time patient data during long-term epilepsy monitoring, intensive care, and routine EEG environments.

The diagnostic platform offers clinicians and patients a premium EEG solution with patient-friendly, mobile- ready functionality, according to the company.

The aireeg was designed to improve clinical care and workflow by delivering real-time EEG waveform access, best-in-class signal quality, and a sampling frequency up to 4,000 Hz per channel for enhanced disease detection, diagnosis and clinical decision-making. Clinicians can quickly montage, filter and annotate patient data to speed care delivery and improve workflow efficiencies.

“We pioneered the world’s first AC-powered EEG system, and we’ve continued to deliver proven innovation ever since. The aireeg wireless EEG is the next step in this evolution, offering

The system offers “clinicians a diagnostic platform that provides superior data quality to quickly identify a medical issue, while still allowing a patient to be freely moved throughout a facility. It offers capabilities unlike any other on the market today,” said Dr Wilson P. Constantine, CEO of Nihon Kohden America.

In an environment that requires increased patient protection and care, aireeg uses Wi-Fi technology to give patients greater mobility without sacrificing safety. In addition, proprietary Smart Camera switching technology auto-detects patient location and seamlessly switches cameras when a patient is transported between hospital rooms.

With the ever-increasing risk of cybersecurity threats, the aireeg also offers industry-leading data security, from product development to post-sales support. Its advanced back-fill capabilities help keep patient data protected by capturing all waveforms via local storage in the unlikely event of network disconnection. In addition, a unique auto copy and archive feature delivers workflow improvements that save time and ensure recorded data is securely copied. Supported by Nihon Kohden’s cybersecurity subject matter experts, the aireeg is configured for 802.11 a/b/g/n and complies with wireless security protocols.

More information is available on the company’s website.