Nihon Kohden has released its NK-HiQ Wireless Patient Monitoring System, a smart, secure data acquisition and management platform for hospital settings.

The NK-HiQ uses Wi-Fi technology to capture and manage patient data from admission to discharge via its suite of central station, bedside, transport and wearable patient monitors.

All monitors come “premium as standard,” or fully featured in base configuration, to quickly capture changes in patient condition. In addition, a proprietary algorithm in the wearable monitors helps detect falls and wandering.

In addition, the system enables continuous remote monitoring and robust data collection even during transport, one of the most high-risk times in the care continuum.

The NK-HiQ system’s smart design ensures patient data is captured and managed without compromise.

“We believe that wireless patient monitoring is the future of healthcare, and with our NK-HiQ system, we are at the forefront of that future,” said Dr Wilson P. Constantine, CEO of Nihon Kohden America. “With NK-HiQ, care providers can leverage their investment in existing 802.11 infrastructure to keep patients safe and clinicians informed no matter patient acuity level or location in the hospital. Ultimately, we expect this advanced wireless system to give clinicians the data they need at the point of care to move into a new era of preventive and predictive health.”

More info is available at the company’s website.