A group based in San Francisco has been working on a new piece of technology that they believe can offer a form of self-tracking unlike any other currently available on the market.

By specifically tracking the device-wearer’s breathing, the team says that the device, called Spire, can monitor not just the body, but also the wearer’s state of mind throughout the entire day.

Spire monitors the wearer’s breath so that it can notify them when they are becoming stressed or unfocused. The makers claim that this insight helps the wearer to be more productive. They also say that the device helps to lower stress and inspires the wearer to move more throughout their day.

The device provides notifications in order to help the wearer. For example, if the device registers that you are stressed due to shallow breathing, it will notify you and ask if you would like to do a breathing exercise.

It is also able to measure how many steps you have taken, whether you are standing up, sitting down or lying down, and how vigorous your movements are.