Masimo has launched Doctella, a home-based patient engagement and remote care automation platform.

Doctella provides a complete end-to-end home care solution, allowing clinicians to create and manage treatment plans, patient schedules, and patient data flow using automated, customizable CarePrograms, home device data aggregation, and a web-based provider dashboard.

CarePrograms — a digital upgrade to traditional home care plans — are delivered to patients’ smartphones via an app (available for both iOS and Android devices) and dynamically update based on patient input, both self-reported data and physiological data collected by connected monitoring devices.

Data pushed to patients can include coaching, guidance, and recommendations, such as notifications to remind patients to take medications, connect monitoring devices, or exercise. In turn, the Doctella secure cloud pulls and processes data entered manually by patients – such as patient-reported outcomes and textual responses, with the ability to provide consent through the app – as well as data gathered from connected devices.

The Doctella provider portal allows clinicians to keep track of various physiological events (such as oxygen desaturations) and behaviors (such as confirming having taken medication as prescribed) for each patient, helping clinicians identify when intervention may be needed and how to prioritize the needs of multiple patients. Through such automation, institutions can more easily deploy home care monitoring at scale while helping clinicians remain abreast of important developments in patient condition. The provider portal can also collect population-level health data to help clinicians gauge the efficacy of various treatment protocols and develop new plans using data-driven decisions and strategy.

“As healthcare seeks to improve value, it needs to change its narrative from success being patients healing in the hospital to patients being healthy at home,” said Peter Pronovost, MD, PhD, Chief Clinical Transformation Officer at University Hospitals, Ohio, and one of the co-developers of the product. “Doctella helps to accelerate that journey by making sure that patients receive safe, evidence-based care in the healing environment of their own home.”