Royal Philips has commercially released its wirelessly connected Trilogy family of portable ventilators in North America.

Now connecting to Philips cloud-based Care Orchestrator patient management application, Bluetooth-enabled Trilogy devices turn medical-grade data into actionable information, delivering it directly to mobile devices or desktops of care providers multiple times per day. This solution enables care teams to monitor patients remotely and proactively, allowing for fast and informed clinical decisions including early intervention, which can help avoid unnecessary readmissions and lower cost of care.

“In order to have a meaningful impact on patient outcomes, we need to work closely with care providers and develop technologies that can help them break the cycle of reactive care,” said Eli Diacopoulos, Respiratory Care Business Leader, Philips. “By connecting Trilogy to Care Orchestrator, we are further blurring the lines between hospital and home, and enabling interventions that could help to reduce hospitalizations and improve quality of care.”

As part of Philips’ ongoing co-development efforts, connected Trilogy debuted with a limited release in late 2016 with select medical equipment providers. These partners have been managing ventilation patients and providing feedback to help further enhance the connected Trilogy solution.

“Connected Trilogy will contribute to operational and cost efficiencies for our business,” said Amy Day, Director of Clinical Strategy with MedSouth, Inc. and limited release participant. “We will be able to manage patients proactively instead of reactively, identifying triggers and monitoring compliance as opposed to waiting for a follow-up appointment or receiving a call that a patient has been re-hospitalized.”

Philips Trilogy is a proven portable ventilation solution that has helped hundreds of thousands of pediatric and adult patients by effectively transitioning them from the hospital to the home. The announcement of its connectivity follows a recent study using Trilogy with AVAPS-AE, which found that a multi-faceted approach to COPD treatment using non-invasive ventilation could significantly decrease hospital and payer costs as well as hospitalization rates for patients with severe COPD. When paired with Philips Care Orchestrator, Trilogy connects patients, homecare providers, physicians and payers within a single cloud-based platform, helping health systems to simplify day-to-day operations while leveraging informatics to deliver personalized connected care.

The medical-grade connectivity of Philips Trilogy ventilators is powered by Philips HealthSuite and Qualcomm Life’s 2net Platform. Since 2016, Philips and Qualcomm have had a strategic technology collaboration to advance connected health across the health continuum.