Ventilatory Support System
Respironics Inc, Murrysville, Pa, announces the release of its BiPAP® S/T ventilatory support system, the newest addition to its home noninvasive ventilator fleet. The unit offers a straightforward user interface and an integrated heated humidifier for easier setup and management. The noninvasive unit combines Respironics’ proven BiPAP technology with SmartCard® for use with Encore® Pro, and also includes Digital Auto-Trak™ Sensitivity™, adjustable RiseTime, and integrated alarms. Digital Auto-Trak Sensitivity helps to recognize and compensate for unintentional and intentional leaks in a noninvasive system, and to automatically adjust to maintain optimum performance. Integrating the BiPAP S/T with Respironics’ Encore Pro with SmartCard offers detailed compliance data to help clinicians understand a patient’s usage and adherence to treatment. (800) 345-6443;

PFT Filters
Alliance Tech Medical™ Inc, Granbury, Tex, introduces All Flow™ PFT filters, made in seven dedicated port sizes tailored to fit most of the pulmonary function testing equipment available on the market today. US Food & Drug Administration-approved All Flow filters meet or exceed the highest standards in bacterial/viral filtering with minimal resistance and low dead space based on independent laboratory results. The unique Port Color Variety (PCV) reduces fumbling and contamination risk. Additionally, the All Flow filter can utilize Alliance Tech Medical’s pediatric/small mouth adapter to accommodate challenges while testing patients with smaller mouths. (800) 848-8923;

Nasal Wash
Xlear Inc, Orem, Utah, introduces Xlear nasal wash, an all natural solution that helps to hydrate the nasal passage and provide relief from irritation caused by pollutants, allergens, and infections in the nasal passage. Xlear nasal wash is a natural alternative to antihistamines and prescription steroids, often used for treating allergy symptoms. (877) 599-5327;

Endotracheal Tube Holder
Dale® Medical Products Inc, Plainville, Mass, introduces the Dale Stabilock™ endotracheal tube holder, providing a more secure method of stabilization and giving clinicians a better way to prevent accidental extubation. The flexible, cushioned, and latex-free system is easy to apply and secures most endotracheal tubes. The adhesive base that acts as the underpinning of the system is skin friendly and attaches to the neckband with a Velcro® strip to prevent slippage. The lightweight, flexible tubing channel prevents kinking and allows easy access for oral care. Patient comfort and a secure fit are ensured by the soft, easily adjustable, cushioned neckband. The holder is also adaptable for patients with facial hair. It is easy to apply and complies with Advance Cardiac Life Support guidelines. (800) 343-3980;

Concentrator Indicator
Salter Labs®, Arvin, Calif, introduces the next generation of ultrasonic concentrator indicators. The new PRO2check Elite™ utilizes the latest microprocessor and pressure transducer technology coupled with ultrasound to validate an oxygen concentrator’s performance with +/- 2% accuracy. It is packaged as a 9 ounce, handheld, battery-powered device, and no fuel cells are required. A simple tubing connection will provide data to verify oxygen percentage delivered, flow rate delivered, and pressure. This product also comes with a carrying case, belt clip, shoulder strap, nine-volt battery, and sample tubing. (800) 235-4203;

Transcutaneous Monitor
Radiometer, Westlake, Ohio, introduces the TCM40 transcutaneous monitor, a new monitor that can simultaneously measure both patient ventilation and oxygenation status. The TCM40 provides continuous and noninvasive monitoring of oxygen and carbon dioxide together with oxygen saturation levels—the latter by using Nellcor sensors. This capability makes the new monitor ideal for neonatal and sleep units, as well as adult critical care. (800) 736-0600;