Monaghan Medical Corp and the Children’s Hospital Association (CHA) have agreed to a three-year contract for Monaghan provide CHA members with devices in two categories: respiratory therapy medication delivery, and oscillatory positive expiratory pressure/positive airway pressure (OPEP/PAP).

As the national voice of more than 220 children’s hospitals, Children’s Hospital Association is advancing child health through innovation in the quality, cost, and delivery of care in children’s hospitals and health systems. Children’s hospitals are essential providers, setting the standard for the highest quality pediatric care while training the next generation of pediatricians. Alongside their members, CHA champions policies, practices and performance improvements that enable children’s hospitals to better serve children and families.

“CHA is leading the way in rethinking how Children’s Hospitals evaluate cost-effective supply chain decisions. They recognize that cost savings fully materialize when staff efficiencies, inventory consolidation, and patient outcomes all improve. In addition to our proven outcomes and hundreds of clinical studies, the fact that Monaghan’s supply chain is primarily based in the United States and Canada also built confidence in our ability to respond to the rapidly changing healthcare environment,” says Bill Seitz, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Monaghan Medical.

Monaghan Medical is a US based manufacturer based in Plattsburgh, NY. Monaghan and its affiliates are leaders in the development and manufacture of medical devices that improve the quality of life of patients with respiratory diseases like asthma, Cystic Fibrosis, and COPD. 

Children’s Hospital Association signing both categories’ agreements together at once recognizes Monaghan’s reputation for both industry leading technology and proven clinical outcomes, the company said.

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