Kimberly-Clark Healthcare, Roswell, Ga, launched a mobile educational campaign on Wednesday. As a part of it’s Not on My Watch campaign, Kimberly-Clark is commenced a 30-city mobile tour to educate healthcare workers and support their efforts to reduce the spread of health care associated infections (HAIs).

HAIs are infections acquired while receiving medical treatment in a hospital or health care facility.  They result in longer stays, more procedures and increased healthcare costs.

1.7 million HAIs impact hospital patients each year.

The 45-foot tour bus will visit 39 hospitals in 8 months. It is equipped with interactive training tools, continuing education (CE) and continuing medical education (CME) courses on HAI management and prevention. State law requires health care providers to complete a specific amount of CE and CME hours to maintain licensure. The HAI education tour bus will bring these required courses to the hospital’s front door to provide convenient access for hospital workers.

“Staying up to date on the latest research in HAI prevention through participation in accredited CE and CME courses can help nurses and physicians effectively reduce the spread of infections among their patients as well as the financial burden HAIs can cause,” says Joanne Bauer, President of Kimberly-Clark Health Care.