IngMar Medical has released Aurora, a medical simulation manikin used to train clinicians in all forms of ventilation, according to a company news release. Aurora’s new Internal Simulated Lung (ISL) is based on the IngMar’s ASL 5000 Breathing Simulator technology.

The technology elevates medical training by offering a tetherless, internal system which interacts realistically with all forms of ventilation including bag-valve mask, noninvasive, and invasive ventilation.

The device is compatible with nearly any mode of ventilation, it accurately simulates respiratory mechanics, maintains therapeutic PEEP levels, and breathes spontaneously while being ventilated, preparing healthcare professionals for a wide range of ventilation scenarios.

“We believe that the best way of preparing for real life situations is for a diverse team of healthcare professionals to be immersed in an environment where they can practice decision-making, teamwork, and communication,” the company said in an announcement.

Aurora from IngMar Medical on Vimeo.

Key benefits of Aurora include:

  • Highly realistic ventilation training at an affordable cost
    • use your own real equipment including bag-valve mask, noninvasive ventilation (cpap/bipap), and icu ventilators
  • Comprehensive patient assessment
    • learners assess dynamic chest movement, x-rays, ct scans, sounds, and a true-to-life patient monitor
  • Ideal for team training
    • patient can be transported from one location to another due to tetherless capability
  • Objective feedback for learners
    • debrief environment with objective simulation data, and real-time feedback for bvm ventilation and cpr
  • User-friendly software
    • intuitive patient control and scenario building.
  • Hassle-free setup
    • quick and easy installation.