CareFusion offers reliable and affordable AirLife manual, self-inflating, and flow-inflating resuscitation devices. AirLife self-inflating devices feature textured bags for secure handling and user comfort, and include accessories like masks, CO2 detectors, PEEP valve, manometer, expiratory filter, and exhalation diverter. AirLife flow-inflating devices include a latex-free, green neoprene bag with 7 feet of preattached oxygen tubing with a U/Connect-It fitting. Accessories include valved masks, manometer, and red-tipped manometer tubing. 800-323-9088; (See image above.)

A unique single-patient device from VORTRAN, the VAR is the industry’s first fully disposable resuscitator. It provides hands-free ventilator support via a connection to a controlled airway using a continuous gas flow source. It is an ideal backup ventilator for the management of mass casualty incidents and ideal for transport. The VAR is MRI and CT scan safe. 800-434-4034;

The Hans Rudolph Inc SmartLab Instrumentation System with Insight Software is a flexible system for measurement and analysis of respiratory signals in research applications. The base module can accept up to three pressure sensor modules for measuring flow from pneumotachs and airway or other pressures. Optional inputs include an oximeter, CO2 sensor, temperature and humidity and digital I/O. The PC software provides real time graphs and calculations of many common respiratory parameters. Data can be saved for analysis or replayed. Custom software modules can be developed for special applications. 800-456-6695;

The TL2 PRO Test Lung
from South Pacific Biomedical features PROLeak, PROCompliance, and PROBreath controls that allow fast and repeatable leak adjustments, independent lung compliance settings and single or double lung breath delivery for flexibility and performance. Lightweight and loaded with professional capabilities and design improvements, the TL2 PRO Test Lung will meet all your needs at an affordable price. 866-676-1444;

International Biomedical’s
Puffin Infant Resuscitator offers a portable and compact solution for neonatal resuscitation. The Puffin provides clinicians option of both T-Piece or bag and mask resuscitation and meets NRP guidelines with its integrated blender and suction module. The portable and compact design of the Puffin can be used to enable respiratory support in all perinatal areas of the hospital: labor and delivery room, well baby nursery, neonatal intensive care, and the emergency room. 512-873-0033;

Because providing high-quality CPR is critical, ZOLL Medical Corp offers the ZOLL X Series. The X Series provides real-time CPR feedback and a CPR dashboard that prominently displays depth, rate, and release information. And the X Series offers See-Thru CPR, which can reduce the duration of pauses. The device is half the size and weight of other full-featured monitor/defibrillators and includes NIBP, SpO2, EtCO2, and 12-lead monitoring. The X Series is the ideal choice for transporting critically ill patients throughout the hospital. 800-348-9011;