The Microcuff Subglottic Suctioning Endotracheal Tube from Halyard Health (formerly Kimberly-Clark Health Care) combines effective subglottic suctioning with advanced technology to provide protection against microaspiration. Using an inferior subglottic suctioning ET tube causes clogged lumens, making it difficult to clear out using air bolus. MICROCUFF’s integrated rinse port creates a closed suction system, enabling the safe use of saline rinsing to effectively clear clogs while preventing cross-contamination to both caregivers and patients. 844-425-9273; (See image above.)

AirwayMgmt DaleMed_Stabilock_225
To prevent accidental extubation by providing a secure method of stabilization, Dale Medical Products Inc offers the Stabilock endotracheal tube holder. The Stabilock provides fast and easy application to secure endotracheal tubes sized 7.0-10.0 mm. The device allows easy access to the patient’s mouth, enabling the clinician to perform oral care that can help reduce the risk of ventilator-associated pneumonia. ?800-343-3980; ?

Airtraq Mobile
is the first app for video laryngoscopy. Now any Smartphone can provide HD laryngoscopy images using any Airtraq. Place your smartphone on top of any Airtraq by means of its universal phone adapter and the Airtraq Mobile App uses the phone’s camera and screen and is able to record videos, take snapshots and edit patient data. 877-624-7929;

The Strapette with Tube-Tackles
from Airways Development are a tapeless solution for supporting CPAP and High-Flow nasal cannula for premature infants. The tube tackles provide a quick ergonomic method for holding the tubes and attaching to the headband. Repositioning and adjustments are quick and easy. 908-298-9200;

NJR Medical’s
No-Bite V is a suction catheter introducer for the oral airway with a flashlight tip. The No-Bite V was voted a best practice solution when nasal suctioning is contraindicated or proving difficult, which is especially important for those with frequent suctioning needs, such as elderly, cancer, and end-of-life patients. The device is designed for multiple uses on a single patient and can be used in both children and adult populations. The No-Bite V is compatible with any suction catheter 18FR and under, and is for use in ICUs, intermediate care, rapid response, Hospice, palliative care and home care. 877-318-5162 ;

is the new patient friendly app from Passy Muir, designed to facilitate patient communication, provide valuable information regarding tracheostomy, and foster patient participation in their care. The free app features pre-recorded responses and phrases to enable basic communication at the touch of a button, links to useful patient resources, and informative patient videos. 800-634-5397;

AirwayMgmt DaleMed_TrachTube_225
Dale Medical Products Inc offers Tracheostomy Tube Holders, designed to provide secure positioning by minimizing movement of the tracheostomy tube. Secure fastener tabs fit any size trach plate and help eliminate difficulties associated with use of twill ties and other holders while minimizing secondary complications. The moisture-wicking lining on the two-piece, adjustable neckband leaves the skin dry, reducing the risk of skin breakdown. The tube holders come in four available sizes: 240 Blue, 241 and 242 PediPrints, and soon the 244 Blue for bariatric patients. 800-343-3980; ?

is a patented endotracheal tube holder specifically designed to eliminate repetitive taping and is intended for use as an immediate endotracheal tube holder and stabilization device. B&B’s Universal Bite Block or the Bite Proof Bite Block are recommended for use with StabilTube to protect the patient’s teeth and prevent the patient from biting on the endotracheal tube. 800-242-8778;

The Halyard Mini-BAL Sampling Catheter from Halyard Health (formerly Kimberly-Clark Health Care) features a soft, directional tip that allows safe and quick retrieval of lower respiratory tract samples, which can help identify infectious pathogens of the lung for a microbiologically confirmed diagnosis, avoiding the false negatives and false positives seen in endotracheal aspirate cultures. Mini-BAL allows trained respiratory therapists/clinicians to quickly perform nonbronchoscopic BAL at the bedside and equips physicians with the power to target antibiotic treatment, protecting patients from ventilator-associated pneumonia and reducing the use of unnecessary antibiotics. 844-425-9273;