Research reported by Physician’s Briefing suggests that ACE inhibitors and ARBs may slow the progression of emphysema. 

The researchers found that 12 and 6 percent of participants used an ACE inhibitor and an ARB, respectively, at baseline. The median percent emphysema was 3.0 at baseline, and over a median of 9.3 years the rate of progression was 0.64 percent. There was an independent correlation for higher doses of ACE inhibitor or ARB with a slower change in percent emphysema (P = 0.03). The predicted mean increase in percent emphysema was 0.66 percent over 10 years in those who did not take ARBs or ACE inhibitors, compared with 0.06 percent among those who used maximum doses of ARBs or ACE inhibitors (P = 0.01). The greatest magnitude of findings was seen among former smokers (P < 0.001).