Millions of undiagnosed allergy sufferers, including those affected by allergy induced asthma, can now access Thermo Fisher’s advanced allergy testing through PlushCare’s telehealth physicians in 31 states.

Undiagnosed patients who visit the PlushCare website consult with qualified physicians, who can order appropriate allergy tests, if necessary. Patients can then schedule testing locally at a participating lab partner, after which they’ll review results with the telehealth physician, all without setting foot in a doctor’s office.

Everything, except for the actual test, can be done using a smartphone or computer.

“Our tests are perfect for this unique telehealth application because results are quantitative, giving PlushCare physicians specific information to guide treatment plans,” said Rebecca Rosenberger, clinical education manager, Thermo Fisher. “Now our highly accurate and easy-to-administer test is available to millions more Americans who may be suffering unnecessarily from the effects of allergies.”

“Access to high-quality, clinically beneficial allergy testing has long been a challenge for patients. We’re proud that this partnership will help us begin to change that,” said James Wantuck, MD, co-founder and chief medical officer of PlushCare.

PlushCare is available in 31 states and has plans to be in all states in 2018.