photoMedica Corp, Bedford, Mass, introduces the EasyBloodGas Analyzer, which measures pH, Pco2, and Po2, and calculates 11 additional parameters. It packages all of the capabilities of traditional blood gas analyzers in a compact format, saving space. Eliminating the use of gas tanks, gas and liquids have been mixed (tonometered) and packaged in a Reagent Module containing liquid calibrants. All components are combined into three modules, including the Valve Module, which preheats calibrators and controls reagent flow; a Sensor Module, which houses all electrodes; and the Reagent Module. (800) 777-5983;

photoRadiometer, Westlake, Ohio, introduces the NPT™7 for point-of-care settings. Using optical measuring technology called Dri-Tek™, the NPT7 automatically loads and prepares measuring cuvettes from a cartridge containing 30 cuvettes, eliminating the need for users to prepare them manually. A QualityGuard™ system verifies the quality of every cuvette before measurement. The monitor was developed with input from hospital group purchasing organizations in the United States. (800) 736-0600;

photoVIA Medical Corp, San Diego, offers a monitor for professionals to perform frequent blood gas, chemistry, and hematocrit monitoring without sending blood samples to a laboratory. Using a closed-loop system, the monitor automatically draws blood into a sensor where it is analyzed for approximately 1 minute. Then the blood is reinfused to the patient, giving immediate results with maximum blood conservation. VIA’s sensors use electrochemical technology in a self-calibrating system that is CLIA exempt. (800) 385-9697.

photoNova Biomedical, Waltham, Mass, presents the Stat Profile pHOx® Plus Analyzer. The pHOx Plus provides oxygen saturation (SO2%), hematocrit, hemoglobin, pH, Pco2, and Po2. The analyzer incorporates glucose, sodium, potassium, and a choice of ionized calcium or chloride in its stat test menu for central laboratory or critical care testing. The analyzer features quality control and a liquid-only calibration system. The pHOx Plus measures the full 10-test menu with 110 µL of whole blood. (781) 647-3700;

photoInstrumentation Laboratory, Lexington, Mass, presents the GEM® Premier 3000, a blood gas, electrolyte, and hematocrit analyzer that maintains results through planar sensors and automatic calibrations. The maintenance-free, disposable cartridge contains everything necessary for whole blood testing in centralized and decentralized locations. Choose from various cartridge test volumes and analyte menus, with 3-week on-board cartridge stability. Expanded on-board data management includes patient trending, quality control statistics, and flexible security options. View the status of remote analyzers via IL’s IMPACT™ Information Management System. (800) 955-9525;

photoRoche Diagnostics Corporation, Indianapolis, announces the portable Roche OPTI™ R Analyzer. The analyzer powers up in minutes and provides results in about 1 minute, and it does not require separate hemoglobin controls. Snap-and-Go multi-use reagents simplify operations, while providing results for up to 100 samples. Designed to reduce costs and increase efficiency, it offers a predictable cost-per-test. (800) 428-5074;

photoAbbott Diagnostics/Medisense®, Bedford, Mass, introduces the i-STAT® 1 Analyzer to its Distributed Lab Testing™ product line. The handheld analyzer runs all i-STAT test cartridges including the CG4+ and Celite® ACT products. i-STAT 1 is configurable to add the use of MediSense glucose strip technology. The company also offers the Precision PCx™ handheld blood glucose monitor, which offers the flexibility and technology for a quick and accurate blood glucose reading that can be distributed between laboratory and nursing staff. PCx, i-STAT, and i-STAT 1 integrate with the Precision NET™ Data Management System for the transmission of test data into the laboratory information system. (781) 276-6000;