#1.  International Asthma Assessment Guidelines Released
     2.  Give Them Comfort: Controlling COPD Symptoms at the End of Life
     3.  Management of a Patient With a Nonmature Transtracheal OxygenTract
     4.  Top 10 Practices to Increase CPAP Compliance
     5.  Pulmonary-Function Testing in Diagnosing Upper-Airway Obstruction
     6.  Genetic Information May Alert MDs to Serious IPF Illness
     7.  Oxygen Test Might ID Life-Threatening Heart Defects in Infants
     8.  CBO Warns Proposed Health Care Changes Lack Spending Limits, Will Cost More
     9.  Philips’ New Face Mask Caters to Hard-to-Fit Patients
     10.  Shriner’s Hospital Cincinnati: RTs to the Rescue