STMicroelectronics of Switzerland and Veredus Laboratories of Singapore have combined efforts and developed the first lab-on-chip portable device for the detection of influenza.

The device, named VereFlu combines STMicroelectronic’s microfluidic lab-on-chip technology with Veredus’s diagnostic knowledge. VereFlu’s portability allows it to be used outside of a laboratory, and its swiftness can give genetic information on an infection in 2 hours. This is a drastic cut in wait time from the current methods of testing that can take days, even weeks, to get results. The single use method of the test reduces the risk of sample cross contamination.

VereFlu can identify and differentiate between human strains of influenza types A, B, and the H5N1 Avian flu.

“VereFlu will enable healthcare professionals to effectively monitor mutations of flu viruses and quickly identify the main strain of the season,” says Rosemary Tan, MD, chief executive officer of Veredus Laboratories.

VereFlu was successfully trialed at the National University Hospital of Singapore.