productPulmonary Data Services Inc, Louisville, Colo, supplies the KoKo Peak electronic peak flow monitors. The affordable KoKo Peak models incorporate accurate peak flow, FEV1, and FEV6 measurements to more clearly identify severity of airway obstruction in both asthma and COPD. Devices such as the KoKo Peak can be used in a direct point-of-care environment as a quick and accurate screening of lung function. Spot checking at the bedside can help prevent costly retesting in the pulmonary function laboratory. The KoKo Peak can also be used in conjunction with both home and physician-based computer software to electronically track and graphically trend patient lung function. (800) 785-6662;

productRadiometer America Inc, Westlake, Ohio, offers Version 3.7 software for the ABL700™ Series analyzers that includes time-saving ways to enter and manage data, thereby enhancing point-of-care applications for the analyzers. Clinicians can log patient and instrument data directly into the ABL700, eliminating the need for a PC in an often crowded area. The software enables clinicians to define data fields and text strings and approve patient results at the time of analysis. Version 3.7 also automatically tracks and generates reports of instrument replacements to improve regulatory compliance. (800) 736-0600;

productAbbott Diagnostics, MediSense Division, Bedford, Mass, offers the PCx™ glucose monitor and the i-STAT®1 monitor, which tests for blood gases, electrolytes, chemistries, hemoglobin, hematocrit, and coagulation, integrating the traditional point-of-care blood gases with glucose monitoring. These monitors are supported by the connectivity of the Precision NET™ Data Management System, which conveys all monitoring information, QC results, and billing to the institution’s LIS and HIS. (800) 323-9100;  

productFuturemed America Inc, Granada Hills, Calif, offers SpiroVision-3+, a spirometer with a sensor that plugs directly into a computer and the SpiroVision-3+ software for Windows®. Features include easy-to-use software, with real-time flow/volume and time/volume graphs, test quality messages, and Bubbles, a cartoon girl who blows a soap bubble as the patient performs an FVC to encourage better performance. Other functions include SVC, MVV, pre/post comparisons, trending, and challenge testing. Users can customize reports, generate color printouts, transmit files electronically, or share data with other programs. SpiroVision-3+ can be used with any mouthpieces or bacterial filters. (800) 222-6780;

productNonin Medical Inc, Plymouth, Minn, offers PalmSAT, a lightweight and versatile handheld pulse oximeter designed to assess blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate. PalmSAT provides 72 hours of memory, and its ergonomic design, long battery life, simple operation, and convenient battery access make it effective for the needs of medical professionals—regardless of patient location. Compatible with the company’s reusable and disposable sensors, this compact unit features a large LED display and simple two-button operation. (800) 356-8874;

productMaxtec Inc, Salt Lake City, offers the Pulsox-3 and Pulsox-3i monitors, which require the user to attach the monitor to the wrist and clip the probe to any finger. A reading is available within 10 seconds. Both models feature an LCD display. Other specialty probes are available, including spot-check, disposable, and infant probes. The units operate with two AAA batteries. The Pulsox-3i monitor offers a memory function that can record and measure data for up to 24 hours, so data can be recorded during sleep or exercise. The unit also features a printer that can continuously print data at specified intervals or to a computer. (866) 462-9832;