A minimally invasive intervention for severe emphysema patients involving the implantation of coils in the lungs with an endoscope resulted in improved exercise capacity at 6 months, although with high short-term costs, according to a study in the January 12 issue of JAMA.

Fifty patients were randomly assigned to usual care (rehabilitation and bronchodilators with or without ICS and oxygen) or bilateral coil treatment (usual care plus additional therapy in which approximately 10 coils per lobe were placed in 2 bilateral lobes in 2 procedures). The study was conducted at 10 university hospitals in France.

The primary measured outcome for the study, improvement of at least 54 meters (59 yards) in a 6-minute walk test at 6 months, was observed in 18 patients (36%) in the coil group and 9 patients (18%) in the usual care group. Coil treatment was associated with a significant decrease in lung hyperinflation and sustained improvement in quality of life. The average total 1-year per-patient cost difference between groups was $47,908.

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