photoCDX Corporation, Providence, RI, introduces the full-function CDX Spiro 850 portable spirometer, which makes pulmonary function testing fast and easy without compromising accuracy. Combining real-time graphic display, patient storage, and an internal thermal printer eliminates the need for a cumbersome external printer and provides an American Thoracic Society specification printout. The Spiro 850, molded from high-impact ABS plastic, can be battery-operated and is shipped complete with carrying case. Features include real-time graphic display, internal thermal printer, FVC, SVC, FVL, pre/post, and airways challenge routine. (800) 245-9949; (401) 274-1444; fax (401) 274-0844;

photoOmron, Vernon Hills, Ill, introduces the NE-C21 COMP-AIR® Elite, the most advanced compressor nebulizer system on the market, which is perfect for respiratory patients who require a more flexible lifestyle. The “high efficient” Elite-Neb Jet nebulizer aerosol delivery system ensures fast therapeutic delivery to the airways while reducing overall treatment time. The compact handheld design, optional auto adapter, and rechargeable battery allow for complete portability. (800) 634-4350; fax: (847) 680-6269;

photoFerraris Medical Inc, Orchard Park, NY, introduces the Pocket Chamber™, a new, smaller profile, valved aerosol holding chamber designed for simplicity, convenience, and portability. Its clever design directs the medication plume to gently fold within the chamber, giving the effect of a much larger device. The end result is a compact chamber that delivers a respirable dose clinically equivalent to those of the market leaders’ devices, which are almost twice its size. The Pocket Chamber incorporates a low-resistance, four-leafed silicone one-way valve to prevent patients from inadvertently blowing medication out the back of the chamber. A standard 22-mm mouthpiece allows for the optional use of a variety of masks. Most important, the Pocket Chamber actually fits in patients’ pockets and will be with them when they need it. (800) 205-7187; (716) 667-0100; fax: (716) 667-0200;

photoDHD Healthcare Corporation, Wampsville, NY, introduces CircuVent™, a breakthrough device for aerosolized medication delivery to patients using Heat Moisture Exchangers/Hygroscopic Condenser Humidifiers (HME/HCH). With the development of CircuVent, aerosolized medications can be provided without removing the HME/HCH, thereby minimizing the risks associated with breaking the circuit. CircuVent is a HME/HCH bypass device that can be used with any aerosol delivery mechanism. Bypassing the HME/HCH for aerosol medication delivery is accomplished with a simple turn of the dial. CircuVent is lightweight, latex-free, and easy to clean, and has a translucent construction that permits inspection for occlusion. (800) 847-8000;

photoPARI Respiratory Equipment Inc, Midlothian, Va, introduces the Proneb® Ultra, a new, high-performance compressor designed to efficiently deliver aerosolized medications; it was recently granted clearance for market release by the Food and Drug Administration. This translates into reduced treatment time in as little as 5 minutes, when combined with the PARI LC Plus® Reusable Nebulizer. Patients with respiratory diseases such as asthma, cystic fibrosis, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease benefit greatly from the Ultra’s increased efficiency. Medication particle size is optimized for better deposition into the lungs, waste is minimized, and treatments are fast. (800) FAST-NEB (327-8632); fax: (800) 727-4112;

photoPuritan Bennett, Pleasanton, Calif, introduces the LiteAire® Disposable Dual-Valved Holding Chamber, which is a cost-effective spacer device that makes it easier than ever for patients to use metered dose inhaler medications. For short-term patient needs, Puritan Bennett offers the LiteAire® Disposable Dual-Valved holding chamber—a cost-effective, paperboard version of the PrimeAire® Dual-Valved holding chamber. These unique, patient-friendly spacer products make it easier than ever to use metered-dose inhaler medications. Unlike other spacer devices, the LiteAire and PrimeAire holding chambers feature a patented, dual-valve design that allows patients to inhale and exhale through the chamber, eliminating coordination problems often associated with inhaled drug therapy. (925) 463-4000; fax: (925) 463-4420.

photoDeVilbiss, A Division of Sunrise Medical, Longmont, Colo, introduces Breathe Easy with DeVilbiss, a company that has been providing effective respiratory products for more than 100 years and continues to offer the world’s most prescribed compressor/nebulizer. It now offers the DeVilbiss Reusable Jet Nebulizer featuring a one-way-valve system, which decreases effective treatment times by nearly half. The model 800D Reusable Nebulizer offers 3-mL treatment time of 7 minutes, and >75% particles below 5 microns; it can be used inline with ventilators. (800) 333-4000; fax: (800) 200-4114;

photoVitalograph, Lenexa, Kan, stresses the importance of checking patients’ ability to use its metered-dose inhalers correctly. The Vitalograph Aerosol Inhalation Monitor was designed to test patients’ ability to use a metered-dose inhaler properly and to train them when a problem technique is identified. The unit consists of an analogue meter, which displays inspiratory flow in real time, and a set of three indicators to display performance in the three areas of flow rate, actuation timing, and breath holding. A pediatric incentive accessory is also available. (800) 255-6626; fax: (913) 888-4221;

photoRespironics Healthscan Asthma & Allergy Products, Cedar Grove, NJ, introduces the OptiChamber® Valved Holding Chamber, which makes taking asthma medication easier for patients while providing excellent drug delivery. It was designed to be slightly bigger than other holding chambers in order to significantly reduce the number of drug particles that hit and stick to the chamber sides after actuation as well as to allow more time for inhalation before drug particles settle in the unit. The OptiChamber is still small enough to be portable and easy for small hands to hold. A high-flow warning signal or “whistle” alerts OptiChamber users if they are breathing too fast for optimal delivery. The unique end cap is designed so that a metered-dose inhaler actuator is held steady and in place in order to ensure the aerosol spray is directed to the center instead of the sides of the chamber. (800) 962-1266; fax: (973) 857-9521;

photoAerogen Corporation, Sunnyvale, Calif, a pulmonary drug delivery company, has recently introduced the Aeroneb™ Portable Nebulizer System, a simple, compact, and silent nebulizer designed to provide effective, convenient respiratory therapy for patients of all ages. The system requires no environmentally unfriendly propellants, noisy, bulky compressors, or heat-generating ultrasonic elements. The system incorporates a proprietary aerosol generator that silently generates a fine-particle, low-velocity aerosol of a precisely defined size. The versatile system runs on AA batteries, plugs into electrical outlets, or connects into a car with the 12-volt adapter. As a result, patients can receive therapy comfortably, reliably, and silently anytime, anywhere. (866) 4-AEROGEN; fax: (408) 543-2450;

photoB&B Medical Technologies, Orangevale, Calif, introduces its new continuous nebulizer kit configurations. They are designed to provide everything the practitioner needs to rescue the severe pulmonary patient without having to waste time locating accessories. The #11320-Adult HOPE kit contains a HOPE nebulizer, 6 feet of large bore tubing, and an adult aerosol mask. The #11330-Pediatric HOPE kit includes the nebulizer, tubing, and a pediatric mask. These units come packaged 10 to a case and are available to be shipped with full instructions and sample protocols. (800) 242-8778;

photoPrecision Medical Inc, North Hampton, Pa, a leading manufacturer of medical respiratory products, introduces the Mini Mate Neb compressor. Designed with the home care market in mind, the stylishly designed and compact Mini Mate offers a combination of convenience, efficiency, and durability sure to increase independence for patients and reduce aggravation for dealers. The Mini Mate is an average of 75% smaller and 37% lighter than competitive compressors and is designed to look like a simple household appliance. At 3.5 lb and 6.9" x 5.9" x 3.8" in size, the Mini Mate is the lightest and smallest nebulizer compressor available. The unit features a head pressure of 47.5 psi and a flow rate of 6.9 L per minute. (610) 262-6090; fax: (800) 352-1240;

photoAllied Healthcare Products Inc, St Louis, presents the Schuco 3000 nebulizer compressor. This unit is designed to offer a compact style that provides affordable nebulizer therapy. Weighing 3.8 lb, the rugged Schuco 3000 is constructed of a high-impact, damage-resistant plastic and is engineered for worry-free performance. The recessed tubing connector reduces the likelihood of breaking, and the built-in handle and cord storage compartment reduce the potential for damaging or scratching furniture. The filtration system can be cleaned and reused, reducing operating expenses. Each Schuco 3000 comes with a maintenance-free compressor, nebulizer, tubing, mouthpiece, and tee. (800) 444-3940; (314) 268-1606; fax: (314) 771-1806;