Mallinckrodt Receives FDA Clearance for its Nellcor Oxismart XL
Mallinckrodt Inc, St Louis, recently announced that its Nellcor® Oxismart XL® Advanced Digital Signal Processing and SatSeconds™ Revolutionary Alarm Management technology has received 510(k) regulatory clearance by the US Food and Drug Administration.

This next generation pulse oximetry technology determines and tracks pulse rate and oxygen saturation levels, particularly in the presence of motion.

Features include advanced multiple parallel engines, and an adaptive comb filter that monitors through challenging motion by locking onto and reliably tracking the patient’s pulse. The addition of SatSeconds Revolutionary Alarm Management reduces the number of false or nuisance alarms (more than 90%) when compared with conventional alarm management, allowing hospitals to realize cost containment through more efficient product and resource utilization.

“We are extremely pleased to have received this clearance for Mallinckrodt’s Oxismart XL technology,” says Doris Engibous, Mallinckrodt’s vice president for oximetry. “A desirable aspect of patient safety is that pulse oximeters detect a patient’s true pulse and oxygen saturation during motion. With this technology clearance, Mallinckrodt is reaffirming its commitment to provide oximetry you can trust.”

Sunrise Medical Expands eBusiness Offering
Sunrise Medical, Carlsbad, Calif, recently unveiled its significantly enhanced eBusiness Web site ( at Medtrade ’99, which took place November 3-7 in New Orleans.

The Web site was originally launched in July 1999, enabling Sunrise suppliers to obtain real-time information on order status, serial number history, and stock availability. The Sunrise Web site now incorporates an online product catalog available to its suppliers as well as to the public.

The main purpose of the online catalog is to provide product information, documentation, and marketing collateral to the public in an easily accessible fashion. The extensive catalog details information on more than 7,000 products, including parts and accessories.

“Sunrise is the industry leader in eBusiness. We knew it was time to open up our capabilities to the entire home health care community as well as to provide enhanced functionality for our suppliers,” says Tom O’Donnell, president of the Home Healthcare Group at Sunrise Medical. “While Sunrise products can still be purchased only through authorized suppliers, the new online catalog allows end-users to be more knowledgeable about the products they need.”

Novametrix Announces Oximetry Contract
Novametrix Medical Systems, Wallingford, Conn, recently announced that it has signed a sole-source contract for approximately $7 million with Catholic Healthcare West (CHW), a group of 46 hospitals located in California, Nevada, and Arizona, to convert CHW’s installed oximetry monitors and modules to Novametrix’s reusable oximetry systems. The Novametrix-CHW product implementation will start in November and take 12 months to complete.

“We are very pleased to have been selected after an extensive evaluation of our products in seven different CHW hospitals,” says William J. Lacourciere, chairman of the board, president, and CEO of Novametrix. “Novametrix was selected as the company that could meet the CHS mission of providing high-quality patient care with the lowest environmental impact at the lowest possible cost. The cost savings for CHW with Novametrix reusable sensors will exceed $1 million annually.”

Vince Schmitz, president and CEO of CHW’s Shared Business Services, says, “CHW Shared Business Services has been exploring the idea of implementing new digital pulse oximeter monitors and reusable probes in all CHW facilities in an effort to not only introduce state-of-the-art technology to improve patient care, but also to be environmentally conscious

and comply with the Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies principles.” With this Novametrix conversion, CHW hospitals will save approximately 50% of their annual operating cost for these types of products when fully implemented.

Thermo Respiratory Group Announces Winner of Product Promotion
Thermo Respiratory Group, Palm Springs, Calif, recently announced that Todd Mathis, cardiopulmonary director at Westwood Medical Center, Midland, Tex, was the winner of its recent baseball-themed product promotion. He received two tickets to the World Series game of his choice, including airfare and hotel accommodations.

The promotion celebrated the group’s extensive product offering, meeting ventilator needs for the continuum of respiratory care.

Each entrant (including more than 5,000 hospitals in the United States) received the opportunity to enter the drawing, and by the deadline of September 10, 1999, the response had been “incredible,” according to company spokespersons. Tony van den Berg, president of Thermo Respiratory Group companies, drew Mathis’ name as the lucky winner. Tom Miles, respiratory sales specialist for Thermo Respiratory Group, presented Mathis with the World Series tickets.

Respironics Announces First Quarter Results
Respironics Inc, Pittsburgh, recently met its recent guidance and analysts’ estimates with earnings for the 3 months ended September 30, 1999. Net sales for fiscal year 2000’s first quarter totaled $80.6 million compared with $86.4 million recorded in the first quarter 1 year ago—a decrease of 7%. Net income for the current quarter was $4.3 million, or $0.14 per share, as compared to $6.3 million, or $0.19 per share 1 year ago. Results for the quarter ended September 30 exclude the impact of restructuring charges totaling $14.7 million, or $0.29 per share, which was first communicated on July 6, 1999.

“We are committed to improving the performance of the company, and it is apparent that our team is motivated and eager to accomplish our objectives for the new fiscal year. As we continue to make progress on our restructuring efforts, we are beginning to recognize the benefits of a highly focused team,” says James W. Liken, president and CEO of Respironics.

The company recognized strong volume gains during the quarter in the international market driven primarily by growth in the European market. “We are confident that our international sales and marketing team will continue to take advantage of the opportunities to grow our international business. The team continues to nurture long-term relationships with our existing customer base while introducing our new programs and products into these markets,” Liken says.

Excluding the impact of the change in distribution in the German market, which was completed during the fourth quarter of fiscal year 1999, the company’s international revenues increased by nearly 10% over last year’s total.

VersaMed and 3Ci Announce the Launch of Their New Ventilator
VersaMed Inc, Fort Lee, NJ, and 3Ci, Atlanta, announced the launch of the Vent201 Ventilator at the AARC, Las Vegas, December 13-15.

The Vent201 is able to follow patients through each clinical episode and setting. From emergency transport applications to hospital, subacute, and home care cases, Vent201 provides continous comprehensive care and all modes of ventilation. Its self-contained turbine flow generator produces sufficient flow and pressure to ventilate a diverse range of patient/ventilator applications.

VersaMed and 3Ci entered into a nationwide sales and service agreement to distribute the Vent201 Ventilator into subacute and alternative-site markets. The two companies are enthusiastic about the opportunities and coverage that 3Ci will provide patients and customers in these markets.

For further information on the Vent201 Ventilator, VersaMed, or 3ci, visit their Web site at or

Fisher & Paykel Joins the ASAA Industry Roundtable
The American Sleep Apnea Association (ASAA), Washington, DC, recently announced that Fisher & Paykel Healthcare has joined the ASAA Industry Roundtable—support that is vital to ASAA’s work—at the Contributor level. Other current Industry Roundtable members include, in descending order of support: Mallinckrodt Inc, Respironics Inc, and Somnus Medical Technologies Inc at the Sponsor level; Invacare Corporation and ResMed Corporation at the Investor level; and AirSep Corporation, National Sleep Technologies Inc, and Sunrise Medical at the Contributor level.

The ASAA is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to reduce injuries, disabilities, and death caused by sleep apnea. The ASAA sponsors the ASAA A.W.A.K.E. Network and serves as an advocate for individuals affected by sleep apnea. The association also promotes early diagnosis and appropriate treatment of the millions of Americans with unrecognized sleep apnea by educating the general public and health care professionals about this serious disorder. Members of the Industry Roundtable make unrestricted tax-deductible contributions to the ASAA.

For more information about the Industry Roundtable or about ASAA programs and material, call (202) 293-3650.

Respironics Announces New Peak Flow Meter
Respironics HealthScan Asthma & Allergy Products, Cedar Grove, NJ, annouces its new AsthmaMentor™ Peak Flow Meter. This device has been designed to automatically calculate peak flow zones and help clinicians teach their patients in minutes what to do when their asthma conditions change. AsthmaMentor helps patients understand how to follow the medication instructions and Asthma Action Plans their physicians provide according to changes in peak flow readings.

AsthmaMentor’s unique features make the most of the limited time clinicians have with their asthma patients. The exclusive built-in Auto-Zone™ System automatically calculates green, yellow, and red peak flow zones when the top of the AutoZone color bar is set to a patient’s personal best or predicted average peak expiratory flow rate. The Asthma Action Plan Sticker provides color-coordinated areas in which the physician can write medication instructions. Stickers can be affixed to the back of the meter so that action plan instructions are easily matched with daily peak flows.

Patients can think of peak flow zones as signals on a traffic light:
• green means “go” or follow regular medication plans and proceed with normal activities;
• yellow means “caution” the asthma condition might be worsening and medication instructions need to be followed to get back into the green zone; and
• red means “stop” and get medical attention immediately.

AsthmaMentor assists patients in knowing exactly how to follow their physicians’ medication instructions to better manage their asthma and improve compliance.

For more information on the AsthmaMentor, call Respironics HealthScan Asthma & Allergy Products at (800) 962-1266.