Exposure to certain species of indoor fungi increased risk and exacerbation for asthma symptoms in adults and children, according to recent study results.

Researchers conducted a systematic review to investigate the relationship between exposure to indoor fungi identified to the general or species level on asthma outcomes in children and adults.

They searched 10 databases in April 2013 for articles published since 1990. Data meeting eligibility requirements were extracted from 17 studies and assessed for quality. A meta-analysis was conducted on seven studies to gauge fungal exposure and risk for asthma exacerbation.

Participants with asthma had greater concentrations of CladosporiumAlternariaAspergillus and Penicllium species in their homes. There was an increased risk for reporting asthma symptoms associated with exposure to PenicilliumAspergillus and Cladosporium species.

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