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Using The epoc® Point Of Care Blood Analysis System Reduces Costs, Improves Operational Efficiencies, And Enhances Patient Care

Health care providers depend on the results of clinical laboratory testing to screen, diagnose and treat disease, and to monitor the results of treatment. Despite standard laboratory operating procedures and compliance monitoring, numerous factors can compromise the integrity of laboratory testing, resulting in errors and preventing prompt delivery of test results to providers.

In an effort to improve patient care and streamline the process for blood gas testing, Pinnacle Health, the leading hospital and health care system in Central Pennsylvania, investigated the opportunities for point-of-care-testing (POCT). After a thorough investigation of the available POCT options, Pinnacle Health introduced epoc® Blood Analysis System instruments as the sole blood gas analyzing system at its facility, as of October 2009. Read more about the benefits to patient care and operations that Pinnacle has observed as a result of using the epoc® system.

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