product•  PalmSAT™, offered by Nonin Medical Inc, Plymouth, Minn, is a lightweight and versatile handheld pulse oximeter designed to accurately assess blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate. The device is useful in many medical locations and applications including hospitals, physician’s offices, clinics, home care, emergency services, transport, and basic overnight sleep screening. Features include 72 hours of memory, a long battery life, convenient battery access, a large LED display for easy viewing, and simple two-button operation. PalmSAT is compatible with Nonin’s full line of reusable and disposable sensors. (800) 356-8874;

product•  Philips Medical Systems, Cardiac and Monitoring Systems, Andover, Mass, offers its M4529A Digital Handheld Pulse Oximeter. The M4529A provides features needed for spot checking and continuous monitoring with a focus on providing fast, accurate measurements of pulse rate, pulse strength, and oxygen saturation. The oximeter also features Philips’ proprietary reusable glove sensor, which eliminates wasteful spending on disposables. (800) 225-0230;

product•  Novametrix Medical Systems Inc, Wallingford, Conn, offers Model 2001 with MARS™ motion artifact rejection technology. MARS incorporates technological breakthroughs made in digital signal processing, which allows the removal of a wide variety of signal artifacts, providing consistent calculation of saturation and pulse rate, even in the presence of high levels of motion or low perfusion. Novametrix’s Cost Avoidance Program packages this new technology with a comprehensive reusable sensor program to reduce pulse oximetry operating costs by 40% to 60%. (800) 243-3444;

product•  Masimo, Irvine, Calif, presents the Radical pulse oximeter for virtually every site. Radical provides three pulse oximeters in one: a stand-alone device for bedside monitoring, a detachable handheld unit for easy portable monitoring, and a monitor interface to upgrade existing multiparameter patient monitors to Masimo SET technology. Radical not only delivers the accuracy and reliability of the Masimo SET technology, but also multifunctionality, ease of use, and true sensor standardization. (949) 250-9688;

product•  Respironics, Pittsburgh, announces the release of its new 920M PLUS Pulse Oximeter. The new handheld oximeter incorporates a bigger display, better performance, and a 72-hour memory, and is designed to better manage patients in the diagnosis and qualification phase within Respironics’ Chronic Respiratory Management Power Program™. Weighing 7.4 ounces, the oximeter stores data every 4 seconds and can be downloaded into Windows-based software for data analysis, storage, and report generation. (800) 345-6443;

productPalco Labs Inc, Santa Cruz, Calif, announces the introduction of Model 120 Mini Pulse Oximeter, operating from a single AAA battery. Convenient and portable, the oximeter fits comfortably in the palm of the hand, slips easily into a pocket, and can be attached with a removable belt clip. Monitoring options include the Integral Finger Sensor or a cable adapter connecting to a variety of Palco Labs’ pediatric and adult pulse oximetry sensors. Snap-in sensors increase the life span of the Model 120 and reduce replacement costs. Digital Signal Processing technology with signal filtering and complex noise analysis increases accuracy while decreasing measurement errors. The oximeter allows for multiple readings along with time and data to be recorded for up to 20 patients or, with the cable adapter, 30 minutes of single patient data. The Model 120 also has print capability where an infrared port sends saved data to compatible printers or a computer. The oximeter is backed by a 2-year warranty. (800) 346-4488;

productBCI Inc, Waukesha, Wis, recently introduced the Capnocheck® Sleep Capnograph/Oximeter. This quiet system can be used for sleep screening as well as laboratory-based sleep studies and provides reliable measurements of CO2 and SpO2. Serial Autocorrelation (SAC) digital pulse oximetry technology is utilized for SpO2 measurements. (800) 558-2345;

productTuffSat, by Datex-Ohmeda, Madison, Wis, is a low-cost, extrarugged, handheld spot-check oximeter. Designed for quick checks of a patient’s oxygen saturation, the TuffSat is ideal for home health care, respiratory therapists, emergency medical services, subacute care, physician’s offices, and general ward use. Its lightweight, ergonomic design with contoured rubber grip offers simple, one-handed operation. The TuffSat is durable and affordable. (800) 345-2700;