Nasal Mask
Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, Laguna Hills, Calif, introduces the FlexiFit™ 407, designed to fit the majority of CPAP patients right out of the box. FlexiFit technology and the Glider™ Strap eliminate the need for complex fitting or sizing requirements. The new Stretchgear™ Headgear allows for more stretch and greater comfort. (800) 446-3908;

 Battery Pack Charger
Impact Instrumentation, West Caldwell, NJ, announces the release of the new Model 811 Battery Pack Rapid Charger. In emergency situations battery life is critical, but a battery’s ability to be quickly recharged can also be a major limitation to providing consistent, quality care. Impact’s new Battery Pack Rapid Charger recharges Uni-Vent® Models 754 and 750 portable ventilators and Model 326 portable aspirator batteries in less than 5 hours—a fraction of the time that it takes using standard chargers. Easy to use and operate, battery packs plug directly into the Rapid Charger. Features include autosensing of line and voltage frequency and an LED indicator signaling recharging state. (973) 882-1212;

 Tracheostomy and Ventilator Speaking/Swallowing Valves
From Passy-Muir Inc, Irvine, Calif, the Passy-Muir Speaking Valves (PMVs) are the only patented closed position “no leak” speaking/swallowing valves designed to fit most adult and pediatric tracheostomy tubes. The valves open easily during inspiration, closing at the end of inspiration and redirecting all exhaled air through the oronasopharynx, which provides clear uninterrupted speech. The PMVs restore a closed respiratory system, which, as research validates, improves swallowing, reduces aspiration, facilitates secretion management, and reduces weaning and decannulation time. The PMVs (with the exception of the PMV 2020) can be used interchangeably on/off the ventilator. The PMV 2020 (clear) is the only lightweight closed position “no leak” tracheostomy speaking valve that attaches to the Pilling Weck metal Jackson Improved tracheostomy tubes (sizes 4-6 or equivalent.) Free online CEU courses and educational materials are available on the Web site. (800) 634-5397;

 Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Device
Apex Medical Corp, Brea, Calif, introduces SRT II CPAP, designed to enhance patient’s comfort and improve user compliance. The LCD display makes the unit convenient and easy to use for both physicians and patients, and the enhanced blower provides stable delivery of a wide range of pressures closely matched with individual needs. It is one of the quietest CPAP devices with a sound level of only 32.9 dBA during operation. The total operating hours can be indicated for patient management and reimbursement. The device comes with an integrated hidden handle, small-size design, and an optional carrying bag. (888) 538-8474;

 Body Position, Limb Movement Modules
Cadwell Laboratories, Kennewick, Wash, introduces body position and limb movement modules used with the Easy® Ambulatory 2 EEG system, which can collect ambulatory EEG data for multiple days. Recently approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, the modules are about the size of a wristwatch and designed for ambulatory patients. Physicians can collect the virtual animation data along with ambulatory EEG data. After data collection, clinicians can play back the time-synchronized animation and EEG data. The body position and limb movement modules are connected to the recorder via Cadwell’s patent-pending EasyNet™ communications technology. (800) 245-3001;  

 Bilevel Device
ResMed, San Diego, manufacturer and developer of products for the diagnosis, treatment, and management of sleep-disordered breathing (SDB), announces the release of the VPAP III ST-A bilevel device.

The VPAP III ST-A is designed for patients with respiratory insufficiencies and offers versatility for effective noninvasive ventilation (NIV) therapy. It combines the features of the VPAP III series with adjustable breath trigger and cycle thresholds, as well as a full range of user-friendly alarms for both the clinician and patient. The VPAP III ST-A also features an optional, fully integrated humidifier for optimal patient comfort. Its comprehensive, integral suite of alarms allows clinicians to assess therapy adequacy with ease. The new and improved alarms include power fail, over pressure, over use, fault, low pressure, high pressure, low minute ventilation, as well as a new nonvented circuit alarm that alerts in response to nonvented mask connection issues. The VPAP III ST-A also features a dynamic pressure range of 3–30 cm H2O. (800) 424-0737;

 Blood Analysis System
The IRMA TRUpoint blood analysis system from ITC, Edison, NJ, provides time-critical information immediately, accurately, and at the bedside. It measures pH, blood gases, hematocrit, electrolytes, and other chemistries in the OR, NICU, ICU, or CCU. It delivers accurate results that medical professionals need to make immediate treatment decisions quickly and accurately. The system is easy to use, reliable, and designed to consistently deliver results that lead to more positive outcomes. The IRMA TRUpoint utilizes electrochemical sensor technology and has an interactive touch screen that prompts the user. Results are available in 90 seconds utilizing single-use, self-calibrating test cartridges. IRMA TRUpoint is self-contained and portable. IRMA has built-in automatic quality control features, an onboard printer, and a data management system that helps to improve regulatory compliance, reduce medical errors, and enable clinicians to intervene earlier in the treatment of a patient. (800) 631-5945;

 CPAP Seal Accessory
VIP™ oro-nasal masks by Hans Rudolph, Kansas City, Mo, now feature a new button-on optional accessory seal called Sensa Seal™, which adds five more half-sizes to the existing range of five sizes. The Sensa Seal is an optional accessory to solve leak and sizing problems for patients worldwide. The VIP Vmasks (7600 and 7500 series) have soft, ribbed-supported, silicone rubber sealing flanges for a comfortable, leak-free fit. The Vmask face sealing flange fits under the patient’s chin for assurance that the mouth does not drop and leak air from the CPAP/bilevel device or NIV ventilator. The under-the-chin fit also prevents the mask from riding up the patient’s face. (800) 456-6695;

 Handheld Pulse Oximeter
The Nellcor® NPB-40 Handheld Pulse Oximeter is both compact and affordable. It is simple to operate, and provides spot-check monitoring of oxygen saturation and pulse rate. The durable monitor is small enough to fit in your pocket. The NPB-40 is designed for monitoring of neonate through adult patients in almost any setting, from hospital to home. The pulse oximeter features an easy-to-see day/night display and printing capabilities via an optional Hewlett-Packard printer. The NPB-40 Handheld Pulse Oximeter operates on AA batteries and is compatible with Nellcor’s full line of sensors. (800) 635-5267;

 Smoking Intervention Testing
Breathe E-Z Systems Inc, Leawood, Kan, offers the CO Sleuth carbon monoxide breath test. It is a simple, noninvasive way to measure carbon monoxide poisoning in a patient enrolled in a smoking cessation program. Smoking cessation programs can be very successful with the motivational tool provided by a carbon monoxide device. The CO Sleuth provides visual proof of the dangerous CO levels found in the lungs of smokers. Most smokers do not realize carbon monoxide poisoning is a dangerous side effect of smoking cigarettes. Smoking intervention testing will provide the patient with positive proof of the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning, and the carbon monoxide monitor will provide a graphic display of the amount of carbon monoxide poisoning that is in their body. Smoking cessation clinics that use the CO Sleuth have reported excellent results in getting patients to stop smoking. (800) 490-5061;

 Helium Regulators
B&B Medical Technologies Inc (North Highlands, Calif, a therapist-owned and -managed company since 1985, announces the availability of the 80/20 Heliox and "H" tank helium regulators. Delivery of Heliox therapy combined with continuous medication nebulization just couldn’t be easier. Just click to the liter flow you desire and what you see is what you get. No calculations or conversions required. When used in conjunction with either the HOPE or OMNI MAX continuous nebulizers, you have a powerful tool in combating impending respiratory failure. For more information about the helium regulators, visit the company’s Web site, and get a bonus free CEU on Heliox Therapy, or call B&B(800) 248-8778.

 Full Face Mask
Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, Laguna Hills, Calif, introduces the FlexiFit™ 431, offering the benefits of quick, easy fitting due to FlexiFit technology. The Glider™ Strap allows for unprecedented freedom of movement, and the under chin design provides improved stability and fewer leaks. The FlexiFit 431 Full Face Mask is packaged with all necessary sizes in one box, eliminating the need to inventory several sizes of full face masks. (800) 446-3908;

 Ultrasonic Oxygen Indicator
Salter Labs , Arvin, Calif, announces that it will be manufacturing, marketing, and distributing the Pro2 Check Ultrasonic Indicator. This product allows home care providers and other health care professionals to quickly and accurately determine the percentage of oxygen delivered by oxygen concentrators with no expensive fuels to replace; no need for time consuming routine calibration; and easy set-up, use, and maintenance. (800) 421-0024;

 Endotracheal Tube with Adjustable Tip
Medline Industries, Inc, Mundelein, Ill, introduces Endoflex, an endotracheal tube that enables clinicians to rapidly and safely adjust the tip of the tube into position for a variety of difficult airway situations. Although many intubations are routine, the EndoFlex enables practitioners to perform both routine and difficult intubation procedures, ensuring that an airway is established quickly and safely. (800) 633-5463;
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 Oxygen Conserving Regulator
Western Medica, Westlake, Ohio, announces a new oxygen conserving regulator. The Tru-dose regulator provides accurate oxygen therapy to patients, assuring the prescribed liter flow during each inhalation. The Tru-dose oxygen regulator is intendd for active patients who require a portable lightweight system. The regulator and pneumatic conserving device are combined into one unit, providing conserving ratios up to 3:1. (800) 783-7890;