The latest infection control and personal protective equipment on the market from Nano Air Mask, International Biomedical, Cenorin, Avery Dennisson, and Xerox.

Nano Air Mask

Nano Air Mask has introduced Pure-MSK Nanofiber masks, an FDA-authorized mask that filters more than 95% of airborne particles down to 0.3 microns, including aerosols, bacteria and ultrafine dust. Lighter than a sheet of paper, Pure-MSK delivers the perfect combination of filtration efficiency, breathability and comfort. American made, FDA cleared, Pure-MSK sets a new standard.  (See image above.)

International Biomedical

The COVID-Guard Intubation Shield from International Biomedical prevents exposure to virus particles during increased high-aerosol production.

The Shield provides protection for clinician during intubation, a sturdy one-piece design, is easy to disinfect between uses, and its clear shield allows for better visualization of the airway and patient.

It fits all patient body types and its adhesive drape can be used to fully enclose the patient’s head.

Avery Dennison

Available from Avery Dennison and manufactured by Global Safety First LLC, the ReadiMask Self-Adhesive NIOSH-certified N95 Mask is designed to support PPE supplies in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The masks are made with electrostatic particle filtration properties that make them more breathable.

They adhere gently to the face with double-coated skin-friendly adhesive, and are available for use in healthcare settings as a COVID-19 countermeasure. 


Pasteurization is a high-level disinfection alternative method for disinfecting heat-sensitive reusable medical devices. The Cenorin 610 and 610HT Washer-Pasteurizer/High Level Disinfectors are designed to process many semi-critical and non-critical reusable medical devices. (See image above.)


Xerox Holdings Corp is using its manufacturing capacity to produce approximately 140,000 gallons of Hand Sanitizer by June 2020, an initiative focused on helping to save lives during the current global health crisis.

Xerox is producing the sanitizer at its facilities in Toronto and near Rochester, NY, and distributing for sale to frontline healthcare organizations in the US and Canada.