Evzio is now available in the United States, according to manufacturer Kaléo. Evzio is approved for the emergency treatment of known or suspected opioid overdose, as manifested by respiratory and/or central nervous system depression.

Evzio, approved by the FDA on April 3, 2014, is the first and only naloxone product labeled for immediate administration by family members or caregivers, the company says. 

“Opioid overdose is a significant and growing public health concern in America and until now, there have been limited options available for the rapid administration of this potentially life-saving drug in non-healthcare settings,” said Spencer Williamson, CEO of Kaléo. “We are pleased to be able to make Evzio available soon after receiving approval by the FDA.”

The drug is now available in the United States by prescription. It should be administered as quickly as possible when an opioid overdose is suspected because prolonged respiratory depression may result in damage to the central nervous system or death. Because people experiencing an opioid overdose generally lose consciousness, in most cases, family members or caregivers will likely be the ones who administer the drug. Evzio uses voice and visual cues to assist in guiding a user through the injection process. After administering Evzio, emergency medical care should be immediately sought.

“Evzio is the first and only FDA approved naloxone auto-injector specifically designed to be used by individuals without medical training,” said Evan Edwards, Kaléo’s Vice President of Product Development. “Additionally, using kaleo’s comprehensive human factors engineering process, Evzio was designed and validated for use by family members and caregivers.”