The latest devices in humidification, inhaled nitric oxide, and oxygen therapy from Caire, NeoTech, Vero Biotech, Vapotherm, Precision Medical, and RapidOxygen.

Vero Biotech

The Genosyl Delivery System is the first and only tankless inhaled nitric oxide delivery system. Its design has a simple user interface for easy set-up and operation. Genosyl DS provides precise, on-demand generation of Genosyl (nitric oxide) gas for inhalation at a constant concentration with minimal variability. Equipped with redundant safety features with backup system and gas sensors that continuously monitor NO, NO2 and O2 levels to ensure patient safety.  For more information, read the full prescribing information at (See image above.)

Neotech Products

The Neotech RAM Cannula is designed for low/high-flow oxygen and can be used with or without humidity. It features soft, gently curved prongs designed for patient comfort. Its simple set-up and flexible tubing help promote developmentally appropriate positioning for infants and children. The RAM is available in seven sizes.

Caire Inc

Stay connected to your new O2 patients after hospital discharge with the FreeStyle Comfort portable oxygen concentrator from Caire. This lightweight device offers sensitive breath detection technologies, smart oxygen delivery features and wireless connectivity to Caire’s telehealth solution. Designed with enhanced patient comfort in mind, this device has an innovative curved shell that skims the natural curves of the body, an easy-to-read LCD display and glow-in-the-dark keypad, and user-replaceable batteries available in two sizes. Operational via electrical or battery power, the FreeStyle Comfort is perfect for travel and meets FAA guidelines for commercial air flights. Learn more at

The Eclipse 5 portable oxygen concentrator is Caire’s all-in-one, 24/7 solution offering both pulse and continuous flow settings—ideal for new oxygen patients discharged from the hospital or pulmonary rehab programs. Equipped with wireless connectivity to CAIRE’s telehealth solution, the Eclipse 5 offers smart oxygen delivery features including autoSAT technology which enables the device to automatically adjust with the patient’s breathing rate to deliver the prescribed oxygen with each breath, and adjustable bolus rise time and trigger sensitivity. An oxygen therapy solution for the patient at home or on the road. Learn more at


RapidOxygen’s R15 Emergency Oxygen device has proven to be the “security blanket” for anyone concerned about the respiratory symptoms associated with COVID-19 and lengthened response times due to an overstretched EMS system. Emergency oxygen can help save lives and improve outcomes from cardiac events, asthma attacks, allergic reactions, drug overdoses, and more.

Vapotherm Inc

Vapotherm Inc’s Precision Flow Hi-VNI offers precise one-button control of flow rate, temperature and gas blend to help provide mask-free oxygen and ventilatory support for patients in undifferentiated respiratory distress.

Precision Medical

The Precision Medical High-flow Air-Oxygen Blender (PM5201) can be used as a solution to handle HFNC set ups with addition of the proper flowmeters and heated wire circuit.  PM5201 can also be used with mechanical ventilators that are produced without an air-oxygen blender.