Zoll Medical Corp has launched the Z Vent transport ventilator for pre- and intra-hospital use, according to a company announcement.

Using Zoll’s Smart Help technology, Z Vent delivers a full range of ventilation options and removes the complexity associated with many portable ventilators. Smart Help provides on-screen prompts to quickly guide users through alarm resolution. Designed with a simple Touch, Turn and Confirm interface, Z Vent makes changing settings quick and intuitive.

The device weighs 9.7 lbs. (4.4 kg.), has an internal compressor that consumes less than half the oxygen of other transport ventilators,1 and comes with a 10-hour battery to ensure continued care during long transports.

Designed to surpass high military standards, Z Vent is resistant to dust, dirt, jetting water, and challenging weather elements. It has a temperature range of -13 to 120 F (-25 to +49C) and is proven to withstand a drop from over 1 meter, which allows it to operate at conditions that many hospital or home ventilators are not rated to endure.

In noninvasive ventilation modes, Z Vent’s Apnea Backup feature automatically ventilates patients when spontaneous breathing ceases, while Automatic Leak Compensation adjusts oxygen flow if a mask is ill-fitting.

While many transport ventilators are not designed for use with an MRI, Z Vent has an MRI conditional option to allow users to continue to provide high-quality ventilation from the ICU and into the MRI suite without sacrificing the level of treatment to the patient.